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Griffith's International Women's Day Celebrations - Meet Yifan Yang

Hǎo Lǎoshī Yang Yifan

Shining the spotlight on the formidable women of Griffith College

To commence our International Women's Day celebrations, I'd like to introduce you to the First Lady of our International Office, 'Hao Laoshi' (great teacher) Yifan Yang. 

Yifan originally arrived to Ireland from China to further her academic education with us as a mature student at our Graduate Business School where she excelled in her studies and was admired by students and staff alike. This trend has continued within her current role as a Student Services Executive for the over 111 nationalities currently studying at Griffith College.

Travelling thousands of miles to study in a very strange country can be such a challenge for any international student. As a mother of a former student, and also as a person who has had the experience of overseas study myself, I feel very happy that I could be a help to our international students.

Yifan's competencies and her endless kindness have since made her the most invaluable member of our International Office. Colleagues will joke that were there ever to be a fire we should all 'drop everything but grab Yifan!'

Hǎo Lǎoshī Yang Yifan

"My second hometown"

When Yifan is not improving the student experience through her expertise and sweet manner, she can often be found resurrecting office plants, taking a walk around the historic campus grounds, and enjoying an apple to ensure she's able to share her words of wisdom with all.

Griffith College is completely tied to my every experience of Ireland becoming my second hometown. The history of the campus, the old buildings, they all fascinated me and they still do. I like to stare at the old stone walls imagining what has happened for the past two hundred years, and what is happening now…

On a separate note, the arrival of the fruit basket every month is also one of my favourite parts of life on campus!

Yifan, on behalf of everyone at Griffith, we'd like to say a sincere thank you and to celebrate you as one of Griffith's greats!

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