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Head of the Graduate Business School Áine McManus offers an insight into GBS

Aine McManus Head of GBS
3 min

The Graduate Business School is one of Ireland’s leading postgraduate business schools. There is a clear and defined focus that will assist students ascertain a global mindset.

Globally Recognised

Head of the Graduate Business School, McManus says students will garner a firm understanding of the differences between business management practices through the international classroom setting.

With the substantial international growth in recent years, McManus claims it’s now more than ever that a recognised Masters in Business essential to business graduates. “There’s a huge demand for individuals with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the global markets.”

Lifelong Learning

Students enrolled in the Graduate Business School are equipped with lifelong learning skills and knowledge that encourages students to examine issues and problems instead of memorising them, and to formulate their own solution to the problem they come across.

On a closing note, McManus states, “I love the feeling of being immersed in a diverse and inclusive community of learners and exceptional professional staff.” 




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