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Health and Safety Training is Key for the 2020 Hospitality Student

Hospitality students at Griffith College

The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. From travel to the workplace to socialising, everything has been impacted, none more so than the hospitality industry. Businesses in the hospitality sector including restaurants, hotels and bars are having to completely rethink how they will operate in a post-lockdown world.

For students who are thinking about a career in the hospitality sector, it can seem like an uncertain time. More than ever, the sector will be looking for people who have the relevant health and safety qualifications. Griffith College’s BA in International Hospitality Management has always offered comprehensive health and safety training, making it one of the most relevant and desirable options for students.

From understanding how to prevent fires and accidents to more current skills such as risk assessments and crisis management, Griffith College’s hospitality courses ensure you have the skills you need to make you both a desirable candidate but also successful in the working world.

As the hospitality industry begins to recover and reopen, there are certain skills that will be compulsory for anyone looking to work in a bar, restaurant or hotel, whether that’s front of house or behind the scenes. From understanding how to prepare food safely to the best ways to receive deliveries of it and store it, food hygiene will be paramount, as will being adept at ensuring food preparation areas are kept clean to the highest of industry standards.

It’s not just people who intend to work with food who will need to be trained up either. Communal areas such as reception desks and corridors will need to be consistently monitored and cleaned, with appropriate and reliable marketing and signage informing customers of the steps being taken. If you can prove that you already have these skills and knowledge, you will be in a coveted position when it comes to gaining employment.

Attention to detail when it comes to health and safety will be key, as will communicating this to customers and visitors. Ensuring customers feel safe will be a key part of any hospitality job, so being able to prove that you can carry out extensive and reliable risk assessments will help to entice people back to hospitality venues worldwide.

The world of work has been heavily impacted by COVID-19 and no industry will be able to operate in the exact same way as they did before. Courses at Griffith College focus on preparing students for the world of work that they are entering into. Our hospitality courses have always put a strong focus on health and safety practices but now more than ever they will ensure that students feel comfortable with the procedures and guidelines that will make up the backbone of the industry moving forward.

Our course focuses on the practical application of health and safety knowledge and current legislative requirements. Students develop strong skill sets, which enables them to become confident, productive and informed members of the workplace.

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