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How college can make this decade the most successful of your life

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Everyone’s heard the phrase ‘Knowledge is power,’ right? Well, whoever came up with this quote is only half right.

You see, having knowledge is only half the battle when it comes to achieving success. What the quote should have said is ‘Applied knowledge is power.’ This is because knowledge accumulated over time is useless unless it is actually applied!

If Thomas Edison didn't apply his knowledge, he wouldn't have created the light bulb after a thousand tries. If Benjamin Franklin had done the same he wouldn’t have discovered electricity.

Starting a college course can be the best way for you to expand your knowledge but to also apply it. This principle fits right into the ethos here at Griffith College as we offer a great mix of subjects including engineering, digital media and business, which have all been designed to give our students the perfect blend of learning and application.

When you enrol in a course at Griffith College your knowledge will be tested throughout the year. A variety of learning tools are at your disposable including online tests, discussion forums, quizzes, Wiki projects and blogs.

When applying to one of our courses, you will be well supported and your learning won’t just be in the classroom. You’ll get the full package here, with an array of events and social activities on offer too.  Learning within your course is a crucial part of your success, but we understand that people have lives outside the classroom. In fact, we believe that if you want the next ten years to be a roaring success, having a balance between learning and leisure is crucial.

How to make this decade a successful one

The only person who can really make this decade a success is you.

You need to make that initial change. 

The actions you take at the start of this decade will determine how the rest of it turns out. 

Do you want to look back and regret not taking that leap?

What if 2030 comes around and you’re still in the same position as you were back in the heady days of 2019?

These are the questions you may be asking yourself in 10 years' time. Making the decision in the here and now isn't always easy, but you only need to look at our website to see the success stories coming out of Griffith College every year.

Our college attracts students from all over the world who are enjoying the sort of success that lays the foundations for life. You can join them!

Everyone's definition of success is different, we know that. Making the transition into college life is a success in itself, as it allows you to push the boundaries of your comfort zone and discover parts of yourself that you hadn’t paid attention to before. What you learn throughout college life will be invaluable life skills that will make the next decade more successful than you can ever imagine.

Take the next ten years into your own hands and apply for one of our spring intake courses starting in February 2020.

We’ll see you there.

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