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How social is your social?

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GBS lecturer Rachel Gallagher shares her insights on how companies can make the most of social.

Having a presence on social media and posting occasionally to a passive audience is essentially a futile communications exercise. 

Have you ever wondered why you are not getting more engagement for your social posts? Spend hours assembling a post, sizing the image, refining the messaging and the caption – only to find when you finally press ‘Tweet’ or ‘Post’ that you get little to no response? Left feeling strangely short-changed by this muted impact?

What we, as marketeers, do not consider enough is that we need to alter our mindset when creating content for social. We need to really think about the fact that we are on a ‘social’ platform and that means that we need to have ‘two-way’ conversations. A well known academic article called the ‘Uninvited Brand’ by Fournier and Avery depicts the brand as the uninvited guest ‘gate-crashing’ the social media party.   Social media was set up for people, after all, to socialise with their friends and family. The article questions the place for brands at all in this crowded space. Zuckerberg realised this back in 2018 when he radically altered the Facebook algorithm to prioritise ‘meaningful’ person-to-person reactions over brand and publisher’s material. Since that point, Facebook advertisers and publishers are faced with a steep uphill battle to gain resonance for their organic content. Many would go so far as to say that organic reach is dead on social media.

Read more, including Rachel's top three tips for reforming social media strategies, on LinkedIn.

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