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Study in Ireland tips from Griffith College international students

Over the past 6 months Griffith College’s US and Malaysian Education in Ireland student ambassadors have shared their experiences of studying in Ireland and give some useful tips on planning a study abroad trip.


the benefits of studying at a small campus where lecturers know your name

College Population 7,000 to 30,000: the pros and cons

An exchange student at Griffith College Dublin from The University of Kentucky, James Kleine-Kracht, discusses and compares the good and the bad of large and small campuses …

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Study in Ireland: it’s all about the people

James Kleine-Kracht, an exchange student from the University of Kentucky, offers his answer to the common question: “Why Ireland?” His answer sheds light on the people, culture, and way of life that makes Ireland a home away from home …

Study Abroad Checklist

Hong Ling, an international student from Malaysia, offers an in-depth plan for preparing to study abroad in Ireland. From choosing the right course for you and presenting the idea to your family, she covers all the bases in this two part blog …

Part 1

Part 2


study abroad tips

Ireland: Chocolate croissants, Guinness and forever a second home

Ellza Hines, a international student from Ohio reminisces on her study abroad experience in Ireland. Though it took her some time to adjust, she now considers the Emerald Isle a home away from home …

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US study abroad experience Dublin

Understanding Dublin

Dublin is full of interesting bits and pieces, and US student Clara Keller, took the time to learn about her new study abroad home while on a three month exchange here. From the history of Dublin street art to the marks of Ireland’s independence, she discovers the importance of understanding a new city when studying abroad in Ireland …

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