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Irish Halloween Costume Ideas (to get you out of the horrors)

Halloween Costume Ideas
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Are you in the horrors because you don’t have a Halloween costume idea sorted yet? There are plenty of cool ideas around but here’s some with an Irish spin to make you laugh and hopefully help spark some ideas of your own.  

2015 movies with an Irish twist

Dressing up as a character from a recent film is an easy one, with lots of great new movies out this year. For a creative edge, why not include a local Irish element to your movie costume. Star Wars is out soon, you could go as Skellig Michael!

Who could resist the comedy value of going as the visual embodiment of these “Irish-ized” movie titles: Mad Max from Mayo, Straight Outta Cavan (via Compton), Jurassic Waterford World or even Fifty Shades of Griffith. 

Steady now, before your imagination runs too wild, what I was thinking of was adapting this idea but instead of paint swatches, you could print off black & white photos from around GCD. Maybe even print off pics from our website or social feeds.

Classic Irish humour

We love the craic. Who among us can resist Waterford Whisperer’s headlines? They are just genius! So create a costume that pays homage to your favourite ones. Or make up a "Twitter feed" like this, but use the funniest tweets from the @GardaTraffic Twitter account. They are a gas bunch in fairness...

Halloween Costume Ideas

You could also dress up like the website instead! Do a Google image search and bingo, loads of strange yet wonderful ideas. People really put up some mad ads.

You could also visualise random Irish sayings like "Road Frontage". Get some dark green jeans. Wear with an old black t-shirt and draw white stripes on it for road markings. Add a wry smile to complete the look 


Hilarious Irish newspaper headlines 

There are just so many amazing accidentally hilarious stories covered each week in the regional (and national!) newspapers. The Daily Edge has covered this before but I’m sure you can search your own local papers and come up with some fantastic Halloween outfits. Remember to bring a clipping of the story along on your night out so you can prove your sources. Investigative journalism at its best.

Topics that got the nation talking

Create a costume based on some of the most heated issues of the year. You could become the 3D representation of the Irish Water protests....get yourself some water balloons and make up DIY protest signs. 

Give things a positive spin and feature some of the stories that made you proud to be Irish. You could dress up as the Marriage Referendum/Yes Equality campaign, use your rainbow flags to create an outfit and make everyone smile!

What are you going as?

Please tag Griffith College in a photo if you do decide to dress up in any of the ideas above. Or please share your own unique Irish costume ideas with us. Whatever you are dressing up as, have some good clean Irish fun and have a very happy Halloween!