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The LSMD Centre for Teaching: The Exam Day

3 min

Exam season is in full swing at The Leinster School of Music & Drama! We know that the lead up to exams can seem daunting for candidates so we're here to help guide you in preparing for the LSMD exams.

We encourage candidates to come prepared to their exam venue. The day before your exam, make sure you have your report card, music books or drama books/portfolio, music stand and of course your instrument/props ready to go.

Arrive Early to the Exam Centre: Whether your exam is taking place here at The Leinster School of Music & Drama, at a host centre or at your own centre, we ask that candidates arrive early for their exam – which means at least ten minutes before their scheduled exam time. This ensures that the exams run smoothly and on time. Arriving early allows candidates time to get settled and helps to calm nerves before going into the exam room.

While waiting to go in for your exam, use your extra time to get your music scores or drama portfolio ready and quietly run through the order that you will perform your chosen pieces, and ensure that your instrument/props are ready to go.

Take this time to warm up, feel free to do some quick finger exercises and mentally run through your programme. Some venues will provide a warm-up room for candidates so take your time and do one final run through of your exercises and pieces before the exam. If you have a wind instrument, string instrument or voice make sure to warm up or tune your instrument before going into your exam.

In the Exam Room: This is where the butterflies and shaking fingers tend to arrive, which is completely normal. Even the best performers still get nervous when going on stage. When you enter the exam room get comfortable, take a couple of deep breaths and remember all of the hard work that you did preparing for your exam. Our examiners always look forward to listening to a candidate’s performance and want you to do well, so take your time and enjoy the moment.

After the Exam: Your results and certificate will be sent to your teacher within three to four weeks after your exam. Examiners will nominate candidates who show excellence in their performance of Music or Speech & Drama pieces for The LSMD Excellence Awards Competition. If you were nominated you will be invited to submit a video. Your teacher will be informed of any nominations in a letter which will include all the information needed to submit the video.

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