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Make a Saving This Christmas! Our Top Tips

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 It’s that time of year! The most wonderful time of the year, a time for giving. All these phrases are great ways to describe Christmas time, but on the other hand, it can be stressful. It’s a time where we tend to put a price tag on our loved-ones, by showering them in gifts. As a student, that’s not always possible. Our expert team at Griffith College has devised some penny pinching plans to help you avoid living off noodles for the month of January, we consider this a lifelong learning plan!

Do It Yourself! 

You’ve put the shopping on the back-burner. Excuses have been made, you can’t face the hustle and bustle of town or you’re working late. We’re all the same. Sometimes, the do it yourself gifts will mean more to your loved-one and will cost you a fraction of the price.

For the accessories enthusiast in your life, why not make a personalised jewellery box? Visit your local arts and crafts shop where you can pick up a small wooden box for as little as €3. From there, pick up your desired colours and bejewel it!

Other DIY presents to try;

  • Potpourri
  • Christmas Cake
  • Coat Rack

Shop Around 

Shopping around is massively underrated. You know what you want to get someone, simple, job done. But it’s expensive. Sometimes you can find a cheaper alternative online, in a different shop or by choosing a generic brand.

Take some time out to do a little comparison shop. At this time of year, there are great markets being held across the country. This means you might have the opportunity to barter with the vendor. There’s no guarantee they’ll go with it, but there’s no harm in trying!

Host Your Own Parties

It’s inevitable that you’re going to be going out and visiting friends and family over Christmas. People will be coming home from all over the world, so meet ups and nights out are sure to follow. Why not try hosting your friends for a night in, rather than out? Get in some nibbles and ask your guests to BYOB, a great night is guaranteed. Cheap and cheerful! Do you have a flare for hosting and entertainment? Take a look at our 1-to-1 Music & Drama course.

Download Money Saving Apps

There are a number of apps out there that help you save or divide your funds up into sections. Ever heard of Revolut? It’s one of our new favourites. You can connect the app up to your bank account so that you can transfer funds hassle free. There are a number of nifty tools attached to it, including cash multipliers! Maybe numbers is your strong point, why not check out our Accountancy course?

Be Prepared for Next Year’s Festivities

The sales are an amazing experience for lots of us. We get to impulse buy all the things we wanted in December, but couldn't afford. Did you ever think about picking up the Christmas essentials in January? Think Christmas wrapping paper, cards, decorations, box-sets, body-sets, the list goes on! Stocking up on these gifts and bits and bobs could save you a small fortune.