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Mastering The Markets

Diploma in Capital Markets, Investment & Trading 

Gain the skills you need to make sound financial decisions and manage risks in the high-stakes world of investments and trading.

Starting on Tuesday 28th October, this 10-week evening course will appeal to a wide range of individuals interested in capital markets, investment and/or trading.

If you are a:

  • Graduate
  • Fund Accountant, Fund Administrator, Portfolio and Relationship Manager
  • Investor
  • Trader
  • Professional including Solicitor and Accountant
  • Company Director
  • Work in Banking or Financial Services
  • Professional in International Trade or Sales
  • Work in the Energy or Utility sectors
  • Shareholder
  • Plc Employee

Then this course is relevant to you. It bridges the gap between theoretical and practical issues within the financial markets, outlines the reasons for these changes, and gives students an understanding of the implications for investors, traders and other market participants.

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Written by Lydia Casey