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My Griffith Story: Griffith led me to the path I walk today.

Griffith alumnus Guy Woods
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Guy Woods studied undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Griffith College, earning a BA (Hons) in Journalism & Visual Media and an LLM in Human Rights.

Guy now works as a certified professional coach, speaker and trainer.

“I am passionate about making coaching relatable and accessible to all. I have worked with individuals, start-ups and companies around the world to help them create, promote and sustain powerful conversations which make a positive difference, whether in their own lives and business or in the lives of others.”

Why did you choose to study at Griffith?

“When I first visited Griffith College Dublin as a prospective student, I originally intended to study hospitality management. Once I got to know the programmes and the inspiring lecturers in the Journalism faculty (Robbie & Barry in particular!), I knew my path was one towards Communications. The subsequent three years I spent at Griffith proved to be transformative in many ways. Both personally and professionally, they led me to the path I walk today, working as a personal and professional coach, digital communications strategist and trainer.”

Guy was keen to highlight the influential teaching staff at Griffith College and wanted to highlight the industry-specific insights he received whilst studying at Griffith College.

“The three years I attended Griffith during my undergraduate studies helped me gain professional skills, knowledge and habits which are absolutely invaluable to my professional work as a coach and trainer. I was inspired to think outside the box every day, and to learn how to express myself creatively within a framework, choosing the right words for maximum impact.

I am fortunate enough to have a large social media following around the world. In everything I post - be it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn - I rely on the creative skills which I developed and grew while studying journalism. When designing, writing and delivering a TEDx talk, those skills proved invaluable, as I was given the tools to think strategically, edit myself, and deliver an idea in a concise, creative way.

Above all, during my time at Griffith I developed close, lifelong friendships with both my fellow students and faculty, who support me to this day. This combination of inspiration, academia and friendship is what led me to return to Griffith College to study my master’s degree.

It's my plan to continue delivering talks to further develop as a coach, helping people to maximise their goals, use their words (and thoughts) wisely, and move into a training role. And then perhaps return to Griffith College… as a member of faculty? Watch this space!”

How did Griffith inspire your career?

“While studying at Griffith, I figured out quite quickly what I enjoyed writing about most, as well as least. I knew writing ‘fluff’ wasn’t for me, nor was reporting financial profits or losses my calling. I was naturally drawn to writing essays and articles about issues which matter to me, which can help raise awareness and shed light on important topics. Barry Finnegan and Robbie Smith not only acknowledged my style of writing but encouraged it and supported me to dig deeper and connect with topics which matter to me. They taught me that the words we use are powerful, and can change the world. We have a responsibility, as individuals and content creators, to use them wisely.”

What have your biggest achievement and challenge been to date?

“My biggest achievement to date has been in understanding and using my communication skills in a way which suits my personal style and unique path in life. It took grit and determination to find not only a career path which satisfies me, but which uses these skills and training to the fullest.”

What are your future plans?

“Over the past few years, I've found myself taking on more of a mentoring and teaching role, which I have found energising and inspiring. In the coming years, I would like to upskill and move into a teaching and training role, so I may help equip others with the knowledge and skills they need to build their personal and professional path.”

Finally, we asked Guy some quick-fire questions.

Best piece of advice you've received:

“I find myself turning, again and again, to the words of famed American poet and writer, Dr. Maya Angelou, for insight, wisdom and perspective.  Her wisdom still resonates with me: 'Nothing will work - unless you do.'"

Advice for recent graduates:

“I would tell recent graduates to take a pause after they graduate, breathe, and ask themselves one powerful question: “What do I want?” Look into yourself deeply, and explore what it is you want your life to include, what it is you enjoy most, and what is it you want to contribute to others. There are no wrong answers.”

Starting out as a student again what would you have done differently:

“In hindsight… I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience at Griffith College. Well, perhaps not to leave writing all my essays in study week, and start a little earlier!”

How would you describe Griffith College in three words?

Hotbed of possibilities.

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