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My Griffith Story: Griffith prepared me to be a STEAM ambassador.

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Chloe O’Loughlin is a third-year Computing Science student, as well as Miss Dublin South 2019. She recently took on another title, becoming one of two ambassadors for Griffith’s STEAM bursary. We sat down with her to learn more about her story and what inspires her.


“I loved the campus and the people in it.”

Before enrolling in Griffith College, I had completed my Leaving Certificate in Loreto High School Beaufort in June 2017. I was also working part-time in Hollister, Dundrum - and I still work there today! My mother had heard of Griffith and mentioned it to me when I realised I wanted to study Computing. It was only 15 minutes away, and I loved the campus and the people in it.

I’ve been a student at Griffith College since September 2017, and I have loved it every day since. I have made amazing friends both inside and outside of my college course. Last year I was the Griffith College Table Tennis captain! I also played badminton, which I enjoyed very much. Each year I look forward to attending the annual Griffith Ball, which is always great fun. I am so excited for the remaining years I have here at Griffith College.

I really believe it was fate that brought me here to Griffith. I was very nervous at first, but I adjusted quickly and am so happy here. You might not expect it from a Computing student, but I’m quite girly as well as nerdy, so outside of college I take part in pageants. This year I represented South Dublin in Miss Ireland 2019, where I managed to place in the final 8 out of 33 girls.

“I had an amazing experience and would do it again.”

In May 2019, I applied for Miss Ireland 2019. I had to attend an interview where I met the directors and spoke about my motives. I learned whilst I was in America in June that I got through to the Dublin finals, which were held in July 2019. I had to model various outfits and talk on stage about why I entered Miss Ireland. Here, I won the title of Miss Dublin South, and I was through to the Miss Ireland finals in the Helix Theatre in September.

In the final, there is a top 16, and then a top 8, which I managed to get to. As a top 8 finalist, I got to speak about the charities that I would work with if I won the title. I didn’t win Miss Ireland, but I was so happy to have made the final 8 girls out of 33. I had an amazing experience, and I would definitely do it again.

Taking part in these events has definitely given me confidence in my public speaking and how I portray my views and opinions. I have gained many valuable skills, which I believe will assist me as a STEAM ambassador for Griffith College.

“A more personal experience”

As Griffith isn’t a huge campus, I feel that you get a more personal experience in the college. You know your lecturers well, and they know you personally too. This is a strong contrast to other colleges and universities where there are hundreds of students per lecture. This helps to create a strong relationship between students and the college staff, as you can receive direct assistance if you need it.

I also believe there is a strong sense of community in Griffith College. Everybody is friends with students from various courses and years. I believe this is down to the many extracurricular activities that is available in Griffith, which are essential in creating friendships. I believe Griffith has enabled me to go out of my comfort zone and to take on challenges that I never thought I would experience - for example, being a STEAM ambassador!

Once I graduate, I would like to pursue a career in Ireland’s tech industry. I would also like to continue to promote women in STEAM careers, especially in secondary schools across Ireland. In addition, I would also love to travel and experience various cultures and traditions in many countries across the world.

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