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My Griffith Story: I've worked with tech giants like Twitter, Sage and Web Summit after graduating

Wendy Tapia Griffith College
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Whenever students are asked what kinds of companies they want to work with after graduating from Griffith College - the likes of Twitter, Sage and Web Summit are the sort of answers that crop up a lot. Wendy Tapia is lucky enough to have worked with all three in the six years since she graduated! Upon graduating from Griffith College with an MSc in Applied Digital Media in 2012, Wendy was one of the first five people hired by Twitter for its new international HQ in Dublin.  As an Account Manager she oversaw the successful launch of Twitter in Spain, was nominated for Best Workshop Speaker at Tweet Awards 2013, and was recognised by senior management as an EMEA Marketing Guru for her content creation work.

“It was a privilege to be part of the team that launched Twitter in Europe," explains Wendy. "It’s now quite amazing to see how Twitter has evolved since those early days. Technology and innovation are my true passions and have been the golden thread in my career choices so far.”   

A move to work as Global Partnerships Manager for Web Summit followed where she successfully established partnerships and relationships with C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies: 

“I’ve always been a huge advocate for developing technological innovations for the benefit of society. Working for Web Summit gave me the opportunity to work with leading brands and their CEOs to provide a platform for fostering thought leadership where people can connect and debate the role of technology in our society.” 

Having collaborated with multinational software company Sage on Web Summit events, Wendy was then offered her current role as Product Evangelist for the recently launched Sage Business Cloud Financials: 

“My job is very interdisciplinary. My main responsibilities are to plan, design and bring the product to the market but also identify user problems and find solutions. Product Management works hand-in-hand with the technology, customer and business areas of the company so I interact with many different teams. I absolutely love it!”   

Key Skills Needed In Product Management 

Wendy explains that her job is exciting and intense and with that comes significant responsibility:  

“First and foremost it’s important to have a good eye for innovation and a deep understanding of user design experience. If you’re considering a career as a Product Manager it’s critical that you are a good problem identifier and problem solver. Murphy’s Law applies every day and minute! You need to be quick to respond if something goes wrong, have a thick skin to deal with the tough criticism you’ll face, and be prepared to reevaluate and make adjustments. Finally, perseverance and tenacity are essential too.” 

Challenges Of The Job 

According to Wendy there are a number of challenges she faces: 

“Identifying innovation is always a priority. It’s about pinpointing what the market and our clients truly need before they realise what they really need. There can also be a difference between what a market really needs and what clients are saying they want so it can sometimes be tough distinguishing when feedback is truly valuable.” 

Wendy’s Advice To Her College Self 

Wendy wishes she had realised the significance of networking and nurturing professional relationships when she was studying: 

“In college there is the tendency to belong to a particular group and stick with them. That’s okay when in college, but in the working world you need to be a lot more proactive and understand the mechanics of interacting with different people. So start now! Being outward looking and connecting with others can really generate exciting opportunities.” 

Tips For Finding Work In Product Management 

Wendy explains you need to be very in touch with the latest technology and have a real understanding of these from a user’s point of view. This can help you gain a foothold in the sector: 

“If you’re using an application or software and you think it could work better then reach out to the person who owns the product and tell them! Show them what improvements they can make and ask them if you can be involved in the development of that feature. I’ve reached out many times to companies like Deliveroo, Indeed and Twitter. You may not be allowed to work on the project, they might even ignore you completely, but they also might take you on as a volunteer. That can be your way in.” 

How to look at your career path

Wendy views her career not as a linear path but as “building blocks that I can put on top or the side. To me it’s always about enhancing my skillset and approaching life with a growth mindset where I embrace opportunities to learn. It’s increasingly important to me that every project I’m involved in, whether that’s within management, leadership, or partnerships, has a positive impact on society.”Originally from Mexico, Wendy is very passionate about the philanthropic work she does as President of Red Global MX, a network of Mexican professionals in Ireland. Through this group she mentors Mexicans in the last year of university and as a certified business coach she also coaches clients in Ireland:

“In the future I want to expand my coaching business. Ultimately I want to find ways to inspire others and give something back.” 

Interview by Lydia Casey 

Want to follow in Wendy's footsteps?

Wendy is a distinguished graduate from Griffith College's MBA programme and also did our MSc in Applied Digital Media. Those qualifications helped her secure roles in some of the world's most prestigious tech companies. Why not take a look at the courses on offer at Griffith College today?