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My Griffith Story: This scholarship will help me fulfil my dream.

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The annual Brendan Lynch Scholarship, which has been running for three years as a partnership between Griffith College and Donore Credit Union, was awarded to second-year Accounting & Finance student Zhu Shi Dan. We spoke to him about his studies and the scholarship!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m from China and I am studying Accounting & Finance at Griffith College. One of the reasons I came to study here is Griffith’s cooperative relationship with Chinese universities. I also appreciated Griffith College’s concept of “keeping an eye on the future,” as they help their students prefer for life after their degree. I am eager for a better future, and Griffith provides a splendid platform to help me develop.

Congratulations on winning the Brendan Lynch Scholarship – can you tell us a little about it?

Griffith College works closely with Donore Credit Union, which was the first credit union in Ireland. The scholarship was set up to help a student who is eager to gain a bright future and has a history of excelling in their studies. I’m excited to use this opportunity to help me fulfil my dreams.

Why do you think you were chosen as the winner of the scholarship?

Well, I think I am lucky to be the recipient of this scholarship. I also think part of the reason that I won is that I pursue what I want persistently. Even though some of the candidates were native English speakers with more interview experience, I did a lot of preparation for my interview – and I believed in myself.

What does this scholarship mean to you?

First, it has already made my life more colourful. While preparing for this scholarship, I have learned a lot and also met a lot of people who work in Donore Credit Union – they are all so friendly! Second, it makes me feel more confident and prepared to continue to challenge and improve myself. This process was tough because I am not confident about my English, but I was still able to overcome it. I’m also thankful to everyone working in the credit union; they all encouraged me. I so appreciate the warm welcome. Finally, this will help me learn how to use the scholarship money appropriately. I see this money as a precious opportunity to help me achieve my plans for the future.

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