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New decade, new you? Why you should try a new course in 2020

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Another year is underway.

It’s time to look at those new years resolutions you set back in January 2019. What goals did you achieve in the year? What targets did you set for yourself?  Maybe you, like a lot of others, didn’t quite finish off the year the way you hoped.

The goals you set may have fallen to the wayside, never to be achieved.

The good news is that you don’t have to start 2020 the same way you ended 2019.  All that’s required is a fresh way of thinking and some new goals to go after.  At Griffith College, we offer courses that start in February 2020.

What better way to keep those sterling January habits up?

Our selection of spring intake courses begin in February and boast a variety of different courses on offer.  Students will get the opportunity to experience what Griffith has to offer across four campuses spread across Dublin, Cork and Limerick. 

Each campus has world-class facilities available, meaning you can get the very most out of your independent studies. This is ideal for those who prefer to work to their own clock and find it easier to hit their goals without a lecturer bothering them all day!

Why Griffith College?

We know that each student has their own preference for learning, which is why we offer our courses as either full-time, part-time or blended learning

Everyone is at different stages in their learning journey, which we understand, offering undergraduate, postgraduate and short-term courses.  Whether you want to study a part-time course on Microsoft Excel, or want to take on a MSc in Network and Information Security then Griffith College has got it.  With such an array of options available there’s always a course suited to your needs. 

Maybe you want to expand your learning to a completely new subject area? Or maybe you want to improve on a topic you already know about?  The day to day life as a student at Griffith College will be challenging - granted, but every course is as rewarding as the next. 

As each course progresses you will be required to complete assignments to show you understand what you have learnt. Not only is this a fantastic barometer to see how much you’ve gained from your semester, it is also a brilliant motivator to do better and improve your scores month on month.

Just think that overbearing feeling of accomplishment you will get when you complete your course successfully.

Think of how you will feel when you complete those goals you set for yourself way back at the end of 2019.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

You won’t be alone in your journey either. We have excellent support on offer throughout our courses, helping you stay on track with your learning.  Members of staff across each campus are highly-trained and well equipped to give every student the guidance they need.  We also have mentors assigned to each individual student when enrolling in one of our blended learning courses. 

We know it’s not only a new year. It’s an entirely new decade - the roaring 20’s no less - so why not make the investment now? A course at Griffith College will serve you well for the next decade and beyond. It is the first step on your journey of a thousand miles.

Get in touch to find out all about our spring intake courses!

Interested in a spring intake course?

A spring intake course could be just the thing to ignite a new interest, move you forward in your career, or just let you enjoy learning something new.