The new world of work has more choices than you might think

A group of coworkers gathered around a table

Thanks to digital and technological advances, the world of work is changing just as much as other areas of our lives. Already, jobs that once required a human workforce have been fully automated, and it’s likely that the employment landscape will look very different in ten or twenty years than it does now.

Despite this, there’s no need to worry for those who are starting to think about what kind of career would suit them and where they see themselves in a decade's time. The ‘new world of work’ may be moving with the times but this means that there’s a whole array of new, technology-driven jobs that are only just being created.

Recent research shows that more and more teenagers are tempted by ‘traditional’ jobs such as law and medicine, but with technical roles available within these industries too, why not consider a more technological vocation? Griffith College believes that all students should graduate with a vast array of skills to make them fully adaptable in the ever-changing years to come.

Interested in law? Consider Data Protection!

If you’re starting to consider a career in law, why not think about data protection? With so much of our lives online, protecting the data of individuals as well as large organisations is a big and important job. A career in data protection could see you managing everything from risk assessments and audits to advising on best practices for safe data storage. Courses such as data management and business studies as well as various law courses are the ideal first step.

Interested in writing? Consider SEO consultancy!

Students who are strong writers may be tempted to go down the traditional route of an English-based course, with the hope of landing a job in writing or editing post-graduation. If you’re a keen wordsmith but also have an analytical brain then a career in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) could be for you. SEO specialists analyse how a website can appear higher up search rankings and the answer is almost always content. From undertaking keyword research to writing engaging content, a career in SEO can include various aspects. Courses such as computer science and online marketing are great options if you think SEO could be the field for you.

Interested in art? Consider Animation!

For artistic students, finding a way to combine their passion with secure career prospects can be tricky...which is where animation comes in. Animators can be found working in-house for companies as well with design and digital agencies. Projects can include anything from videos to online graphics, marketing campaigns and even TV shows! Griffith College has its own animation course which trains students with the skills they’ll need in a future animation role.

Griffith College is an award-winning college that believes in offering our students the highest quality training and education, with a clear focus on the changing world of work, in order to ensure our students leave us well equipped to begin long-standing careers in their chosen field.

Ready to explore your options for the new world of work?

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