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An outline of the CPL recruitment session to help you get hired

CPL gave advice on how to stand out to recruiters

On Wednesday, June 20th at Griffith College Dublin, we were fortunate enough to welcome Griffith alumna Michele Blazek and her colleague Bruno Ribeiro from CPL recruitment. They gave an excellent presentation to our students and alumni on job finding tips in Ireland.

If you were unable to attend, you can download the presentation here.

We’ve highlighted a few of the key areas that they covered, but all of this information can be found in the presentation.

CVs – You’ve got 10 seconds to keep a recruiter’s attention!

To begin, CVs are critical in the recruiting process. In fact, recruiters will review your CV for only 10 seconds! The main question to ask yourself when constructing your CV is “what do I want recruiters/employers to remember about me?”

·         It is important to keep details simple and up front in a CV letter.

·         Include a local phone number – some recruiters actually have a software that checks for local phone numbers.   

·         If you have no work experience, focus on your college experience: what modules did you enjoy, what courses/topics were you passionate about.

·         Tailor your CV to the specific job and make adjustments to the CV for each job you apply for.

·         Regularly update your CV on recruitment agency sites (Monster, Indeed, etc.) by deleting your CV and re-uploading it. This will keep your CV “on the top”.

·         Where you have gaps in your CV, be ready to explain the gap.

·         Include interesting things about your background in your CV, not just those relevant to the specific job. This could be an interesting talking point in an interview.

Application/interview process – Know the company!

·         Find news about the company/organisation. Don’t just memorise their history.

·         Check company references on Glassdoor (but remember these often are negative).

·         After your interview, mark down what went well and what did not so you can learn for your next interview.

·         Be smart about the jobs you are applying for (are they close to where you live? Do you need a visa?)


Getting an employment visa in Ireland – Know the rules!

There are different types of visas you can apply for depending on what type of work you want to do and what your degree level is. It’s really important to know these rules and be able to share them with your prospective employer.


Use the Griffith Alumni Network. Join the Griffith Alumni LinkedIn page. Contact recruiters. Go to recruitment fairs. Talk to people. Ireland is a friendly country where people are generally happy to meet for tea or talk on the phone. Take advantage. By finding your voice and asking questions, many doors will open for you.

You can contact Michele and Bruno at CPL or Emma Flynn in Careers for more support. You can also contact Suzanna Doyle in the Alumni Office with any questions.

To download the presentation, please click here: