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Outstanding Women in Business: Entrepreneur and Griffith Alumna – Remi Kolawole

Griffith College aluma, Remi Kolawole
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In the lead up to Griffith College’s first Outstanding Women in Business event in partnership with Network Cork, we spoke with entrepreneur and alumna, Remi Kolawole​

Griffith College Certificate in Accounting graduate Remi Kolawole will speak with seven other inspiring women at the first ‘Outstanding Women in Business’ event held at Griffith College Cork, in partnership with Network Cork. Kolawole is an entrepreneur, co-founding Solid-Link Education Consulting with her husband. An experienced Software Quality Analyst, Kolawole works with Snap-On Diagnostics and founded “Africans Connect Ireland”.

Profile: Remi Kolawole 

Q. What is your relationship with Griffith College?

I am an alumnus of Griffith College

Q. Why were you approached to take part in this event?

I think I was approached because I am an ethnic minority woman who works in IT

Q. Why did you agree to participate in this event

I considered it a great honour to be asked. It also gives me an opportunity to reflect on my journey as a person.

Q. Tell us about your role in this event.

I will be speaking on how to progress in a changing career world. I will be open to answering questions if asked.

Q. What comes to your mind when you hear “Outstanding Women in Business”?

I think about women who are progressive, who wake up every day and take steps forward towards their goals and dreams.

Q. What would you like to see stem from this event?

I’d like to meet people and build a network

Q. What is your advice to all the “Outstanding Women” in the crowd?

Don’t give up! Keep moving, if you are tired, take a break but don’t stop.


Outstanding Women in Business

Griffith College and Network Cork will host its first Outstanding Women in Business event on Wednesday 8th May at its Cork campus on Wellington Road.

Outstanding Women in Business