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Outstanding Women in Business: Griffith College Alumni Officer - Suzanna Doyle

Griffith College Alumni Officer, Suzanna Doyle
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The Outstanding Women in Business networking conference wouldn’t happen without the influence, dedication and hard work channeled by many inspirational women ‘behind the scenes’. This includes Griffith College’s Alumni Officer, Suzanna Doyle.

Profile: Suzanna Doyle

Q. What is your relationship with Griffith College?

I’m the Alumni Officer at Griffith College.

Q. Please tell us about your role in this event.

I am one of the organisers of this event. The event came about because we wanted to provide a platform for the many women alumni and other successful women who have incredible stories to share.

Q. What comes to your mind when you hear “Outstanding Women in Business”?

The diversity of the speakers and their stories attests to the many ways that we can define “outstanding”. No longer is there one view of what success looks like. Today success is marked by creativity, work-life balance, upskilling and grit! These women have shown and continue to show those qualities.

Q. What would you like to see stem from this event?

As the Griffith College Alumni Officer, I really hope that there’s an opportunity for alumni to reconnect on the evening. In addition, I hope that all those in the room will see that there are multiple pathways to success and that they’ll engage in discussions with each other about what small things they can do to achieve their vision of success for themselves.

Q. What is your advice to all the “Outstanding Women” in the crowd?

Don’t define your success by traditional views or what others are doing around you. Allow yourself to find little ways of being outstanding, whether it’s in your job, in your friendships, in your family life or even in your acceptance.

Save Your Seat

Griffith College in partnership with Network Cork will host its first Outstanding Women in Business networking event on Wednesday 8 May. Speakers at the event will include Griffith staff, alumni and other inspirational women. The topics covered on the evening are; "Managing Stress in Your Role" and "Future-Proofing Your Career". The Outstanding Women in Business conference will take place at the Griffith College Cork campus, Wellington Road, Montenotte.

Outstanding Women in Business

Enjoy the Outstanding Women in Business event organised by Griffith College and Network Cork