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Outstanding Women in Business: Head of Griffith College GBS - Aine McManus

Head of GBS at Griffith College, Aine McManus
Head of the Graduate Business School at Griffith College, Aine McManus
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In the lead up to Griffith College and Network Cork’s first Outstanding Women in Business event, we spoke to the keynote speakers

At Griffith’s first Outstanding Women in Business event, it will welcome eight speakers to the stage, including the Head of Faculty of the Graduate Business School (GBS) at Griffith College, Áine McManus. McManus joined the GBS team in 2008 when she became Programme Director of the MBA/MSc in International Business. McManus gives us an insight into her life, career, and role in the event. 

Profile: Aine McManus 

Q. What is your relationship with Griffith College?

I am the Head of Faculty for Graduate Business School at Griffith College

Q. Why do you think you were approached to take part in this event?

I suppose people might look at women with young kids, a commute to Dublin and hold down a senior position and might ask, how? 


Q. Why did you agree to participate in this event?

It’s important for women to know it can be done if you have the right support structures in place, both at work and more importantly for me, at home. 

Q. Please tell us about your role in this event. 

As a member of the panel, I guess we might discuss the daily challenges we experience in our day to day jobs. As Head of Faculty, I like to be involved with all activities within the Faculty. From admissions to marketing, from industry site visits to Faculty budgets. Every day brings a different challenge. With these challenges I have to say, the Graduate Businesses School work together. We have a fantastic team in the Faculty office, Mary and Annika and alongside me in the office is the Deputy Head of Faculty, Eilis O’Leary. Without these ladies, I couldn’t do what I do or be who I want to be; which is very important to anyone who wants to enjoy their work. Be who you want to be. We all have our own strengths and our different personalities which really do complement one another when tackling different tasks throughout the day. 

Q. What comes to your mind when you hear “Outstanding Women in Business”?

Strong and ambitious! But it can mean so many different things to people I guess. I’d like to think that I was asked because it's believed that I deserve my position as Head of Faculty; I’ve worked hard, I drive forward a good team and I honestly do believe in the word ‘team’. I don’t run the Faculty alone; I lead a team. In knowing everyone’s strengths and allowing them to grow, we now have a very strong Faculty. Give them support and commend when positive outcomes arise; a team will flourish.  

Q. What would you like to see stem from this event? 

More women looking for support to do what they want to do, or to take those steps to move forward. Why can’t we lead? Why can’t we do it?


Q. What is your advice to all the “Outstanding Women” in the crowd?

My mother and many of your mothers will say how ‘lucky’ we are now to be able to work and have kids; ‘not like the old days’ when marriage and kids meant; a pinny and a chain to the kitchen!

It’s hard though.... very hard! There’s no point in saying it’s not. You either want to do it or you don’t, and I want to do it. My only advice is to be happy though. If you’re not, then let it all go and start again. Work out what makes you happy and it’ll be a lot easier making it to the top! 

Griffith's first Outstanding Women in Business event will take place on Wednesday 8th May at the Cork campus on Wellington road.

Outstanding Women in Business

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