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Q&A with Training and Education Graduate and Former HubSpot Employee Rob Farrell

Q&A with Training and Education Graduate and HubSpot Employee Rob Farrell
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Education is very important in our society, not just the opportunity to be educated, but to educate as well. To make the decision to teach is a big undertaking, as you must be able to deliver compelling and engaging sessions, whether it be for students, conference attendees or corporate clients. Griffith College offers prospective students the opportunity to revitalise their current teaching and training skills with a suite of postgraduate programmes in Training and Education, where the afore mentioned skills are implemented and delivered by highly skilled lecturers.

Lifelong Learning at Griffith College

Robert Farrell, a former HubSpot employee and graduate of the Postgraduate Diploma in Training & Education programme gave us an insight into his Griffith journey and shone a light on what prospective students can expect from the experience.  

What is your role in Hubspot?

I was an EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia) Customer Success trainer​.

What is involved in your role?

I trained new and existing HubSpot employees. I helped them to build the technical application of the HubSpot platform and build their consulting skills so they can help our customers to grow their business better.

How did you end up in this field?

For the past 5 years, I have been teaching digital marketing in colleges, conferences and corporate clients in Ireland and Europe. HubSpot is a big part of that ecosystem so working with them was an excellent opportunity and definitely something not to be missed.

Choose Griffith

Why did you choose to do the Postgraduate Diploma in Training & Education?

When I started lecturing and training in 2012, I wanted to deliver my sessions in the most engaging way for my learners and I chose to do that by upskilling. Rather than settling on just delivering compelling sessions, I wanted to learn how to put it all together and build a robust training programme that met and exceeded my client’s needs.

Has the course benefited you in your current role? If so, how?

Yes, this course taught me to look beyond the topic I'm teaching and critically evaluate the best method of helping my learner to master it.
Were there any modules that you really liked?

I really like the pedagogical practice module as it showed me so many different ways to teach depending on the profile of the learner and the development gap to be addressed.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining the course?

If you want to enroll in this course and you are currently teaching or delivering training, you are in an ideal situation as you can implement what you learn in real time.                                                                            

The Griffith Journey

What was your Griffith College experience like?

In my experience, I realised that a portion of Griffith grads outperform other colleges alumni. Griffith focuses on practicality in certain courses rather than just the academic side. I don’t have the data to back this point up, but in my experience, I have observed that

For example, here in HubSpot, we have multiple Griffith graduates, and one, in particular, is a multi-award winning employee. He’s won all of our internal awards for killing all his targets and helping other staff.

What was your overall experience in Griffith?

The lecturers themselves are all practitioners. They are either lecturers or trainers in the same space that they are teaching.

Griffith is also doing a lot of really good stuff around blended learning. We had a lot of classes via a WebEx platform, for a lot of sessions I was at home in my office and didn’t have to go on campus, that was really good. Most of higher education in Ireland is well behind America when it comes to that, but Griffith is ahead of Ireland when it comes to that. A lot of aspects of the course are really implementable. There were two modules, one was Technology Enabled Learning. I had already been designing videos and webinars for students in 50 countries around the world, that course really solidified what I was doing in that regard. A lot of my fellow students were old school practitioners who would have been only focused on the students in front of them rather than a global student basis, so they would have gotten a lot out of that module.


The other module was Professional Practice and Management delivered by Mary O’Driscoll, the current programme director. It was really good because she basically taught us the business of education, she taught us how to plan out the costings, get rooms, venues, mics and consult with clients. It was very applicable to corporate training, which is always a nice money earner and also very good for someone who was looking to get into a management function if their already lecturing now, because they will get more money per annum opposed to per-hour if they stop lecturing and start managing lectures. So this programme if used right is a career accelerator course as opposed to a skills accelerator course. 

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