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From Snapchat Star to Student: James Patrice

2 min

HIYAAAA James Patrice!

James visited Griffith College to check out all our TV & Film bits and to mortify and hilariously filter everyone around him.

The Visit

Set up like an interview, James' first stop was the TV studio where he was tasked with putting a mic on Rob and Robyn, our interviewee and interviewer - screams and laughter echoed through the room.

Seeing as James is usually in front of the camera, we got him behind the camera to see what goes on.

Griffith College TV Studio

After getting hands-on with the video cameras and mastering his directing skills, James was only SWEATIN' to go upstairs to check out the gallery. He continued to direct Rob and Robyn from the gallery and practised using fades as well as learning what all the controls do.

Griffith College TV Studio Gallery

Between learning to mic someone, figuring out the camera, discovering what the fluffy boom mic is and discovering fades in the gallery, he was only delighted with all he learned!

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