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Springboard+ Courses 2016: Dive in!

3-5 min

Unemployed and want to upskill or change direction? A FREE Springboard+ course at Griffith College will prepare you for a new career. 

The job hunting struggle

Being unemployed and struggling to find work in your area can be stressful and demotivating. From personal experience, I know that losing your job can be a huge disruption. Especially if you are now finding it tough to get a new job. 
So what can you do? The usual stuff like contact your LinkedIn network, recruiters, job websites. Maybe you’ve tried all this already but aren’t getting many job offers so far. Time for a new strategy.

Fully Funded courses for the unemployed

You need to consider moving into new industries and spend some time upskilling. Improve your chances of getting a brilliant new job with a new qualification. Even better if you can do this for free.  (Yes...fully funded!)

New opportunities in growing industries

Dive into a Springboard course in 2016 and you'll discover lots of new opportunities floating about. Especially in the IT industry which is showing a yearly jobs growth of 4.1%. Employers are searching for fresh talent like you right now, check out the Springboard+ courses available here.

If you’ve been claiming benefit for any period of time, check your eligibility on the Springboard + Courses site and apply directly. I think there has been some misconceptions about how long you have to have been claiming unemployment for, so it’s worth a second look. You can apply for up to 10 courses at a time.

74% of all Springboard+ participants from 2011-2014 are no longer on the Live register. It's probably not a surprise then that 98% of 2014 graduates recommend Springboard+ to others wishing to re-skill for employment.

Springboard+ courses at Griffith

You can study at any of our campuses (Dublin or Limerick). There’s a range of courses available like Digital Communications and Web Development. Explore your creative side with a Certificate in Music Production for Games. 

Some more “traditional” industries are coming back around again. There’s definitely a broad range of interesting opportunities in these thriving industries. See all of them here.
Best of luck with diving into your new Springboard+ challenge!
(and don’t forget to share this with someone else who might be dealing with the job struggle)

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