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Student of the Month - February 2015

Name: Cintia Silva

Course: BSc (Hons) in Computing Science

Year of Graduation: 2017

Nationality: Brazilian

Home Country: Brazil

My Current Situation

I’ve been living in Ireland for the past six years. I love the Irish countryside and outdoor activities. I am currently in my 2nd year of the BSc (Hons) in Computing Science at Griffith - I really enjoy computer programming and also the business side of the course. After graduating I hope to travel the world. When I return to either Ireland or Brazil, my career goal is to become a project manager in the computing sector.

Recommendations for the BSc (Hons) in Computer Science, Griffith College & Dublin

I would definitely recommend Griffith College as it is a very welcoming place to be. The College’s Students’ Union regularly organises parties and trips and Dublin city has an amazing nightlife.

Why I Chose Griffith

Since I moved to Ireland my primary goal has been to pursue a career in computing. I had started a computer science course at a different college but it was not a nice experience so I contacted Griffith College to find out what it was like and if it was possible to move. The first person I came in contact with was the admissions team contact for the Computer Science Faculty, Julianne Lawlor. She was so helpful and welcoming that I had no doubts that moving to Griffith College was the best option for me.

I started in the middle of semester 1 so I was expecting a few challenges as I was behind all my other classmates. However, lecturers and current students were very welcoming and supportive so I settled in and felt at home very quickly.

What I Like Most About Griffith

The lecturers are really friendly and know students by their first names. So they do notice if you miss class! I’ve found that the Computer faculty lecturers go the extra mile to help – they’re happy to correspond by email, arrange one-to-one meetings, and even have a spontaneous chat if you bump into them on campus.

Highlight of My Time at Griffith so Far

The highlight of my course has been tutoring other computer science students in the year below me. It has helped me enhance my communications skills and also refresh my memory on previous subjects.

Main Tips for New Griffith Computer Science Students

I recommend students to study hard from the start of the degree course as it gets harder with every year. Don’t miss classes, get to know your fellow classmates and show your lecturers that you’re interested in learning - they will not hesitate in helping you.

My Most Useful Experience

I have learnt that organisation is essential to achieving a balanced study, work and social life at college. It also helps to achieve good grades!

Best Bits Of Student Life At Griffith …

The Students’ Union provides students with a lot of activities such as sports, parties and trips. Everyone can get involved.

Best Thing About Dublin ...

Nightlife in Dublin is great and there’s always a lot of people out and about so it’s very lively - you’ll rarely have a bad night out.

My Plans For The Future

I hope to graduate, travel, and then get a really good job in computer programming, doing what I love most.


Interview by Lydia Casey