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Studying part-time as a working parent - Victoria's Story

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Victoria gives us an insight into her college experience here in Griffith College. She recently graduated in November 2017 from the part-time LL.B. (Hons). 

"Returning to education to undertake an LL.B Hons in Irish Law was something that I had long dreamed off. I always had a keen interest in law and was an avid reader of any legal publications, articles and cases. Whilst a lot of family and friends said I was crazy returning to college while working full time and with a young family, I was determined and I decided to take the plunge.  

Finding the right college was of paramount importance to me. Having thoroughly researched a number of colleges, I was confident that Griffith College Dublin was the right choice for me and not just because of its location! What took me by surprise was its flexible arrangements for attending classes by offering students full-time, part-time, online and a blended option, a combination of both online and attendance at some classes. This was exactly what I needed, flexibility.

The college offers an outstanding academic programme and its wide range of subjects instantly attracted me. When I visited the campus, I immediately felt the community atmosphere and I knew that I had made the right choice.

I cannot commend the lecturers in Griffith College Dublin enough for their support, enthusiasm, professionalism and expert knowledge. The lecturers provided me with excellent feedback and helped me develop my skills and assignments to a higher standard. For this I am extremely grateful. They were always on hand to answer any questions that I had and also were willing to impart their own experiences in academia and in their profession as practising barristers.  

The analytical, research and communication skills that I have developed whilst studying with Griffith College Dublin have been hugely beneficial to me professionally and personally and are, without a doubt, highly transferable to many different areas outside of law. 

I would urge any new students to actively participate in some, or all, of the many extra-curricular activities that the college provides. I was very fortunate to have worked with the Irish Innocence Project, initially as a researcher and then as a case worker. Essentially we researched and reviewed cases where a person claims to be factually innocent of the crime that they have been convicted of. It was a truly amazing experience and the investigation skills, interviewing skills, communication skills and insight into the criminal justice system was a fantastic experience.

I was also fortunate to volunteer with “Start-Ed”, an extra-curricular group to which Griffith Students have exclusive access, and which facilitates free legal advice to new business start-ups. I observed lawyers across a number of high profile firms give free legal advice to entrepreneurs and new businesses on a wide range of issues from intellectual property to data protection issues and how to develop and promote an app for healthy food. All of these experiences were invaluable in helping me understand the theories of law such as Contract Law and Tort Law that I was learning into real life practice.

In summary, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Griffith College Dublin and cannot recommend it highly enough! I wish to extend my sincere thanks to the staff and law faculty for their untiring support to all of its students. Griffith College Dublin has given me an excellent foundation in law for which I am very grateful. So much so that I intend to continue my education to Kings Inns to train as a Barrister next year."

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