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Surviving and Thriving in the Robot Apocalypse

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In a world where automation is expected to replace 40% of jobs in the next 15 years, knowing how to survive the likely-inevitable robot apocalypse is more important than ever. At Griffith College, we’re here to help you prepare for the day when our AI assistants, online calendars, and music streaming accounts inevitably rise up against us. 

Emotional Intelligence 

You know what robots are good at? Analysing data. You know what they’re really bad at? Understanding human emotions. An algorithm can determine that if you search “Chicken” you could be looking for recipes, but it doesn’t know that it’s a rainy day and you’re feeling a bit under the weather, so you really need an easy recipe for chicken soup. 

Robots are also notoriously bad at communicating in empathetic ways. They’re much more along the lines of “humans must be exterminated,” rather than couching a tough message in sympathetic language.  

Not that that’s an easy message to make sympathetic. Emotional intelligence skills would help, though. 

Communication Skills 

Communicating with robots is pretty straightforward. They take inputted data, analyse it, and provide a response. They can even use a microphone to listen to your needs, removing typing and data entry from the equation entirely! Where they struggle is finding the right way to present that information to different groups of people. While some people might have no problem interpreting the message “Input not accepted; prior programming to commence; interference no longer possible,” others might need a little more context to understand that means the robot takeover is going ahead despite humankind’s best efforts. 

Communication skills make it easier to get an idea across to a wide range of people. 

Project Management 

Ever seen a computer overheat? Yeah, they’re not great at managing a lot of tasks. Oh, sure, they try. But once there are too many things going on, they expend too much energy trying to run them all at once, which makes them overheat and melt down. 

With project management skills, you can learn how to prioritise and delegate, making sure everything gets done on time – and without contributing to a total breakdown in the system!  

Can we stop the robot apocalypse with project management skills alone? Probably not, but they can't hurt. 

Soft skills are the downfall of robots 

Sure, automation may transform the workplace, and a lot of jobs probably will be lost to robots, in time. But roles that require a strong basis in soft skills will always exist, and those are a lot harder to fill with computers.  

Our courses give you all the industry training you need to succeed in the world of work, but they also emphasise skills like presentation, communication, time management and many more. Keep an eye on your future with Griffith College. 

Want to make it through the robot apocalypse?

We can’t defeat time-travelling cyborgs, but we can help you future-proof your career. Check out our list of course offerings to get started.