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Top Tips for ACCA Exams

5 min

The ACCA exams can be daunting - at Griffith College, we're here to make them a little more manageable. One way we do that is with an incredible team of lecturers, including our very own Paula Byrne, who sat down to give us her top tips for preparing for the exams. 

(By the way, Griffith College's ACCA classes work! In the first half of 2019, our students achieved four firsts in Ireland and a first in the world, as well as second, ninth and thirteenth in the world! Learn more about these remarkable results here!)

Now, on to Paula's top tips!

1. Hit the Ground Running

2. Watch the Lecture Videos

3. Engage With the Lecturers

4. Practice the Exam

5. Join the Saturday Classes

6. Take the Mock Exams

7. Attend the Revision Courses

8. Practice Off Past Exam Questions


And there you have it! Stick to Paula's tips, and you'll be on your way to a first in the world finish in no time!

Need to prepare for the ACCA?

Griffith College provides students with everything they need to succeed in the ACCA exams, from flexible study options to lecturers who are always happy to help.