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Top tips for choosing your CAO offer

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Choosing courses for your CAO form can be a daunting experience and actually getting your results and accepting a course can be just as daunting. There are so many courses, which can make it hard to translate your school interests into a college course. I chose my undergraduate course because it was broad, included photography and was something completely different with subjects like psychology and social studies. For your first round offer, you’ll be offered a course from your Level 8 and Level 6/7 choices in order of your preference.  

There are a few days left until the CAO offers are out so this gives you a great chance to go through your choices and prepare yourself for your first round offer. We have a few suggestions of what you can do to prepare in the coming days...

Follow your interests

In school you’re taught a set curriculum, college allows you to study to your strengths and delve into your interests. You’re treated like an adult and expected to be self-driven to study so choosing something that excites you is key when deciding on your first or second choice.

Your new home

Make sure the colleges you’re picking are suited to you. Have another look online and on social media to research the college, its faculties, its social life, its size, clubs and societies, etc. All these things play a huge part in making your college experience the best it can be. 

To college and beyond

Ok, this is where I fell down. My thoughts about a career when I was 17 were along of the lines of, “that’s a future Ellie decision”. Not my best move. Thinking about what opportunities your course will bring you, albeit a hard one at 17 or 18, is a good idea, especially if you’re thinking about a broad course. Don’t just half pay attention to the career progression section of the college prospectus but have a good think about where you see yourself in 5 years time, what type of role would you like to have, what companies interest you and what areas of the industry interest you. 

Points & Special Requirements

Now that you have your results, look up the points from the past year, maybe even two. Generally, there isn’t a massive fluctuation year to year but it will give you a good indication of where the points will be at this year. 

While you’re at that, refresh your memory as to what special requirements there are for your top courses. For mine, it was a HC3 in English for my first choice, which I totally forgot about until my mother reminded me.

It’s a very exciting time and without a doubt, your college years will be fantastic, so happy researching!

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