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Top tips for making the most of your MBA

Make the most of your MBA with these tips

Whether you’re a professional already working in the business sector and you’re looking for that boost to progress up the ladder, or whether you’re a recent graduate wanting to kick-start your career in business, studying for an MBA can help you achieve your career goals.

It’s important to recognise what you want out of an MBA programme and how the qualification will improve your career prospects. Once you have defined this you are in a better position to focus on the study goals of the MBA and you can then make the most of what is, for many, a life-changing experience.

Hear from Alan Lynch, joint head of our Graduate Business School, on the benefits of completing a Master's of Business Administration Degree with Griffith College:



MBA Tips

Head of Griffith College’s Graduation Business School, Aine McManus, gives her main tip for those considering whether an MBA is for them or not:

“If you are at a point in your career where you are re-evaluating possible future paths, an MBA is a valuable tool which can give you the credentials to make a lateral move without taking a step back in your career. For example; we have had engineers join the programme looking to enter marketing, pharmacists looking to enter management within large Multinational Pharmaceuticals … it can be done…. you just need the experience and the tools. In fact, this is almost expected; many people make career-path changes post-MBA.”

We asked previous Griffith College graduates to give us their main tips for making the most of an MBA programme:

“My best tip is to fully engage in the lectures and class discussions. A large part of the value of the course comes from questioning accepted literature and debating its applicability with both the lecturer and other class members. This generates a lot of value as class members share their different experiences in different companies and industries and it often generates new ways of doing things or looking at things in your job or industry.”

- Dominic Kelly, 2014 part-time MBA graduate

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“My top tip would be to leverage the experience of your peer and lecture discussions. The MBA seems to attract people from various industries, backgrounds and different levels of experience who have also worked in various international markets. Gain real life experience vicariously through your immediate network.”

- Al Fernando Williams, 2010 MBA graduate

Take full advantage of the networking opportunities Griffith College’s Graduate Business School offers. I received a distinction for my MSc as a result of the College having a strong network of industry professionals and companies willing to assist. I was lucky enough to tap into this network and was given the opportunity to interview some of Irelands largest family businesses. ”

- Simon O’Hare, 2008 MSc in International Business graduate

“Studying in Griffith provides a great opportunity to work with people on group projects from diverse cultural backgrounds and with vastly different approaches to work and study. However, working within a pool of very driven (but often very different) people can lead to clashes. This can be a source of frustration (and can take away from your enjoyment of your studies) until you accept that working with people who have different mindsets to your own is a hugely important professional lesson to take into your career. Making the most of this collaborative learning format is pivotal but is sometimes difficult to embrace when your own individual grade is on the line. However, it represented a key piece of learning for me which I leverage regularly in dealing with tricky clients/contractors in my role as a management consultant.”

- Robert Shanahan, 2012 MBA graduate

“If I have one piece of advice for prospective postgrad students it would be to be prepared and not underestimate the workload associated with part-time study. It is all consuming, but highly rewarding in the end.”

- Sharon McEneaney, 2014 part-time MBA graduate

‪”My family questioned why I wanted to continue my studies even though I already had a Master’s qualification from a French university. After my MBA year at Griffith I was able to give many examples to my family to prove the added value of an MBA qualification and thanks to postgraduate study I am now a Market Research and Business Development Projects Leader based at an international company in Tunisia.

‪During the year of MBA study at Griffith I met people from numerous cultures and lecturers with diverse backgrounds. I learnt so much thanks to the well-managed programme planned by Griffith and Dublin is a great place to be a student!

So my main tip for new MBA students is to get the most out of the MBA experience you need to be involved 300%. It will be rewarding and exhausting at the same time but you can rest later! “

- Adeline Pramil, 2014 MBA graduate



Written by Lydia Casey

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