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Valentine's Day Special: Ding Yu and Zhao Yixuan

Griffith College graduates, Zhao and Ding
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Griffith College graduates Ding Yu and Zhao met while studying at Griffith College Dublin and the rest, as they say, is history.

And So it Began...

Ding Yu, graduate of the BSc (Hons) in Computing Science and MSc in Cloud Computing met BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance graduate Zhao Yixuan while living studying at Griffith.

The couple’s relationship started when they enrolled in Griffith and met at a friend’s party. This meeting was just the beginning for Ding and Zhao, who later went on to study and travel Europe together. Once the Irish adventure was over, the duo travelled home where they found employment in Beijing.

This was the night that determined the couple’s relationship status, but it was something much simpler that made Ding realise he would marry Zhao.

All You Need is Love

As a Griffith College student, Ding worked part-time, often late hours. On a particular evening, Ding was tired and hungry after a long evening’s work. It was perfect timing, for Zhao to appear with homemade sushi. It was in that moment Ding knew he’d marry Zhao.

Since leaving Ireland and settling back home, Ding works at a research centre PetroChina group (CNPC) while Zhao works in Ping’an Insurance Group, both based in Beijing.

Congratulations are extended on behalf of Griffith College to the lovebirds who had their wedding ceremony in October 2018!