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Want to switch careers? A business degree can open doors.

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For many people, the thought of switching careers can seem daunting, especially if you know you will have to re-train to do so. But at Griffith College, we provide a unique style of course that allows flexible training and learning, offering you the chance to switch careers without the stress.

Whether you’re stuck in a job you no longer enjoy, fancy a new challenge or have a life-long dream that you want to bring to fruition, deciding to switch careers can often lead you to a better future. No matter how many years you’ve been in the workplace, making a career switch is possible, even if it means you’ll need more training and qualifications than you currently hold.

Business at Griffith College

That’s where business degrees at Griffith College come in. Retraining in a business discipline allows you to learn a whole scope of industry skills, keeping your options open when you graduate. Whilst you may have an outcome in mind, a business degree will offer you the choice of various career paths in the future. Business graduates are always in demand worldwide and the breadth of industry knowledge that a business degree will teach will enable you to turn your hand to various areas of the business world post-graduation.

Business degrees at Griffith College encompass a wide range of programmes and subject areas and offer a unique blend of academic learning and practical experience, making graduates attractive candidates for potential employers. The wide subject scope, with the possibility of specialising in specific subject areas, offers you flexibility around your future career plans, ensuring that you’ll only need to re-train once, no matter how many times you decide to switch careers.

Blended learning options

The blended learning and flexible study options on offer at Griffith College are perfect for those who are looking to switch careers but have other elements they need to juggle. It’s not always as simple as just returning to the classroom, and many people find they need to juggle their studies with employment, childcare and personal commitments. That’s why our courses offer the choice of blended learning, ensuring you get the most out of your degree without having to sacrifice anything else.

Blended learning combines online teaching with classroom sessions, making it easier than ever to connect with your lecturers and peers. Griffith College has developed an array of blended learning programmes, allowing students the flexibility to learn and train whilst upkeeping other commitments. The flexible learning style allows students to access lectures, assignments, readings and ask questions online, thus freeing up classroom time for discussions and activities. This innovative approach to learning ensures that the time spent in the classroom is utilised for every student.

By limiting the amount of time spent on campus, a flexible business degree is a perfect solution for those looking to switch careers. Whilst the subjects taught within the course will allow you to further your business and career ambitions, the flexibility of the learning programme is perfect for those unable to commit to a full-time campus-based course.


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