What marketing career opportunities will I have when I graduate?

Marketing careers

Looking for an introductory course to Marketing that will inspire you and expand your knowledge of traditional and digital marketing techniques?

Unique Modules

The BA in Marketing fosters students’ entrepreneurial spirit and encourages them to flex their creative skills to become dynamic team players. How does this degree develop your soft skills and knowledge to be a dynamic team player? A perfect example of developing skills lies in the final year capstone project “Marketing Communications Plan”. You’ll get to work with a real client, the opportunity to put all these new skills to the test! With a broad introduction to business principles in Years One and Two, graduates can perform as well-rounded marketing professionals in the modern business environment. 

With a dynamic blend of course modules, such as the Simulated Business Project, Buyer Behaviour, and Personal and Professional Development, Griffith sets you up to succeed post-graduation. These unique modules not only fine-tune your marketing knowledge, but prepare you for the workplace.

Graduates of the BA in Marketing have a strong basis for an exciting and challenging career including, but not limited to, advertising, PR, sales management, market research, retailing, product design and development and branding. This degree introduces students to the vital business roles played by finance, sales, digital technologies, marketing, and socio-economic influences. 

Career Paths

With so many options for marketing career opportunities, we’d love to highlight some of our favourites. Griffith College is proud to set up our students for a successful career

One possible career path is within the advertising world. If you’re looking to explore consumer behaviours and possibly delve into a more creative side of marketing, a position as an advertising manager or content strategist could be for you. Make sure to bring your newly-pruned communication skills to the first day of work, as group work is very important within the industry!

In recent years, the demand for digitally-aware employees has increased exponentially. With a degree in marketing, one could venture into the area of digital marketing, including the newer era of social media, or focus on SEO research. One of our students, Ana, described her experience in the Marketing course and how it prepared her for a future job: “Digital Marketing was another interesting one; besides the amount of theory, the lecturer made it a compelling subject. Digital Marketing is one of the areas I am most inclined towards as a potential career path as social media and digital channels are really big areas within companies today.”

Another possibility could be taking a look at the sales side. Whether you are managing a sales team, or analysing your company’s sales strategies and turnout, the sales side of marketing requires your fresh adaptability. Through your education, you’ll be equipped with how your consumers think, and therefore be able to boost your sales strategies. A very impressive skill to show your boss!

More Info

Overall, we’ve shown you that there is a plethora of marketing nooks and crannies to dig into. Don’t box yourself into one portion of the industry! With so many options, an education in marketing could be just the right choice for you, and Griffith’s BA in Marketing allows you to progress into the marketing industry with highly-developed soft skills. 

Check out Griffith’s BA in Marketing course here. The three-year introductory degree equips students with the knowledge and capabilities required for success in a global marketplace. This choice could be the first step on your new path in life!

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