Why Up-Skill for the Pharmaceutical Sector?

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Ireland is a world-leading centre of excellence for the manufacture of pharmaceutical and fine chemical products. The Pharmaceutical industry in Ireland currently generates over 50 percent of the country’s exports and makes Ireland the largest net exporter of medicine in the world.

Currently the sector employs over 24,500 people in Ireland, of which over half are third level graduates. With 18 of the world's top 20 pharmaceutical companies manufacturing products in Ireland, and 5 of the world's top 25 medical technology companies, opportunities for employment are high in these industries.

A Demand for New Skills

The industry has traditionally required individuals with strong science or engineering backgrounds to support their significant manufacturing activities in Ireland.

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Today a new skills set is required alongside those with scientific expertise. Pharmaceutical companies are looking for professional individuals with a robust knowledge of:

- Technology

- Compliance

- Data Analytics

- Business Improvement

Also it’s essential that individuals have the ability to assimilate information, make effective decisions and communicate clearly using the latest technologies and systems.

Road Map to a Successful Career in the Pharmaceutical Sector

So where do you start? Innopharma College of Applied Sciences and Griffith College have developed the following courses to provide you with the skills, knowledge and competencies to establish a successful career in Ireland’s flourishing Pharmaceutical sector.

Level 7 Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Business Operations*

Designed for anyone with a certificate or higher in Science / Engineering / IT / Quality / Business or a related discipline.

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Students will study Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Business, Data Analysis, Control Systems, Clinical Research Coordination, Regulatory Affairs, Validation, and Business Improvement.

On successful completion graduates will have a clear understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, its history and future direction, the life cycles of Discovery, Development and Delivery and the guiding principles by which the industry operates.

This programme is ideally suited to those already involved in Manufacturing, Compliance, Business Improvement, Quality Assurance, Validation, Data Analytics, Clinical Trial Co-ordination and Engineering.

Designed to develop the core competencies of Team Leaders and Supervisors already working in the sector, this qualification can also play a key role on individuals’ career development strategies.

Roles/Careers within the Pharmaceutical Industry: Manufacturing Supervisor/Manager, Compliance Specialists, Business Improvement Specialist, Quality Assurance, Validation, Data Analytics, Clinical Trial Co-ordination, Packaging, Engineering.

Programme Duration: This level 7 programme will run over three semesters, starting in November 2014 and finishing in November 2015.

Commencement: Dublin - November 2014

Offering: Private & Springboard

For further information click here or please contact the Innopharma team by email or call +353-1-4853346.

* Course pending QQI validation

Level 7 Certificate in Pharmaceutical Data Analytics*

Ideal for anyone with a certificate or higher in Science / Engineering / IT / Quality or a related discipline.

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This programme will focus on core competencies such as Data Analysis, Clinical Research Co-ordination, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Regulatory Affairs, Lean Sigma for Big Data and Continuous Quality Improvement.

A substantial focus of the programme will also develop the professional skills of the graduate to enhance their future career opportunities through development of their CV, interview skills, network, presentation and communication skills. Students will also participate in a work placement to support their transition to employment.

Roles/Careers within the Pharmaceutical Industry: Data Specialist , Data Analyst, Clinical Trial Co-ordinator, Business Intelligence Analyst, Business Analyst, Reporting Analyst, Manufacturing Supervisor/Manager, Compliance Specialist

Programme Duration: This level 7 programme will run for a duration of 6 months

Commencement: Dublin- November 2014

Offering: Springboard

For further information click here or please contact the Innopharma team by email or call +353-1-4853346.

* Course pending QQI validation

Written by Lydia Casey

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