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A Year of Presidency

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When you hear your name being called at the Griffith Ball because you have just been elected the new SU President, you feel a sense of euphoria, you’ve done it, all the hard work has paid off and you are set for the best year of your life.

Starting in August, I arrived in the office to start the crazy year that was ahead of me, the madness of Freshers’ Week was just over the horizon and damn there are so many things to be done before students arrive.

Now my term as SU President has come to an end. Nine months of absolutely unforgettable memories and moments that I’ll always cherish. Now I’m not going to bore you with all my memories of the past nine months, because you will literally be here reading this for hours, so I’m going to summarise all my favourite highlights of my reign as “El Presidente”

  • I’ll start with Freshers’ Week, and my word was it entertaining but exhausting. Four days of events and parties all one after the other, we started on Monday night with a Pyjama Party, followed by Bring Your Own Beer Bowling, then we had a beer pong tournament on Wednesday and finally a lovely trip up to Johnnie Fox’s on Thursday, by the time Friday hit I was exhausted.

  • All the other SU events that we held as well, we had so many that it is impossible to name them all, but here’s a few honourable mentions, Halloween party it was great to see everyone dressed up and have a great night, Christmas party and our Refreshers party.

  • Also, all the SU trips away. They were so much fun, we had our Delphi Trip in the West of Ireland, it’s safe to say that friends for life were made on that trip, then we had the Bunratty Trip in Co. Clare, followed by the Discovery Trip that brought us all around the South-West of Ireland, and finally the Surf Trip down in Lahinch, Co. Clare. Truly fantastic times were had on these trips and I will always cherish them.

  • Obviously, meeting the students is a major highlight. Being the voice of the students in Griffith College, it was my job to speak on their behalf and help them with any issues they may come across. It was great to meet new faces and make new friends from all over the world.

  • It was an honour to be involved with the male Basketball team this year, they did what no other Griffith Basketball team has done and won both the Division 1 title and the Intervarsity Cup. It was a pleasure to watch such a great team and I hope they can do the same next year.

So what can you expect for next year?

For starters, expect nothing less than a crazy number of events, nothing short of what we had this year. Things will be kicking off the year with Fresher’s Week, as usual, then you have the rest of the year for more events and trips than ever before, make sure you get involved in all the clubs and societies and make your experience in Griffith College as memorable as possible.

You will have a new SU president in Justin Goldsborough! I know he will do a great job, he is honestly the kindest and caring person and will make your experience with the SU so pleasurable. Best of luck Justin!

So, to summarise, I would like to say thanks to everyone who supported me during the year, the students that I met and became friends with, the guys in the SU, all the staff in Griffith College who I came across. You all made it an enjoyable year for me personally; if I could do it all again I would, without a doubt! Thanks, guys!

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