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Your Blended Learning Toolkit: Keys to Success

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Griffith College’s Blended Learning programmes give students accredited QQI level 8 degrees and are a good option for people who need flexibility in their education. However, like with any other degree programme, Blended Learning requires hard work. Here are some keys to success in a Blended Learning programme:

  • Organisation – Unlike a class-based programme, your lectures will primarily be up to you to finish. Your lecturer will post your schedule and all required materials regularly on Moodle, but it is your responsibility to get all of your work by the given due dates. It is important that you are organised so you stay on top of all the work you are required to do so you get as much as possible out of your Blended Learning experience. Create a schedule for when you will work on your class material throughout the week so that you stay up-to-date.
  • Commitment – We recognise that you are probably very busy day-to-day and that is most likely why you are considering a Blended Learning programme. To fully take advantage of the programme, however, you must stay committed to your studies. Staying organised so you are aware of all your due dates is step one, step two is making the commitment to work around your existing responsibilities in order to get coursework done by those due dates. We recommend that you find spaces that are suitable to your study needs so you can focus and learn as much as possible.
  • Open-mindedness – Blended Learning, while a wonderful programme for those seeking flexibility, is different from typical classroom-based programmes. It can be easy to convince yourself that this style of learning is not as effective as traditional learning styles, but remember that success in this programme is up to your open-mindedness and willingness to be adaptable to the responsibilities that come with being a Blended Learning student.

Blended Learning is designed to give you the full student experience. This means that you need to work as hard as any other student. By utilising these tools, you will be able to get the most out of your Blended Learning programme and be prepared to enter or re-enter your desired career field.

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