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Clubs & Societies

We’ve got a wide range of active clubs and societies on campus - meet new people and pursue your interests!
Students playing pool in the SU

Clubs and Societies

The range of clubs and societies on offer at Griffith College continues to grow each year. In addition to the traditional sporting clubs such as soccer, basketball, rugby, cricket, the Students' Union currently, assists and funds a wide range of other societies. 

Griffith College students enjoy a vibrant, active community on campus and there’s always exciting and interesting events to look forward to. The best way to get to know your fellow students is by joining the clubs and societies, going to the parties and on trips. 

Everything on offer in the Student Union building is free, just bring your student card. Why not discover a new talent as well as meeting some new friends? You can try pool, snooker, darts, Xbox, PlayStation, table tennis or darts. Score points with your mates and give Beer Pong a go, we’ve got Ireland’s only society dedicated to this noble game.

Other societies of interest include Debating, Poker, LBG, the International society and the Chinese society. If you’ve got an idea for a new club or society, please get in touch with the SU Clubs and Societies Officer - they welcome fresh ideas! You’ll learn about and have a chance to join the various clubs and societies at the Freshers' Bazaar, during the first week of term.

Find out more about the Student Union here.