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Dublin - Main Campus - Griffith College Emergency Plan

Griffith Campus Security

The following incidents should be reported to security immediately;

  • Security Breaches
  • First Aid
  • Accidents
  • Safety Concerns
  • Hazards
  • Fire Safety
  • Suspicious Persons
  • Thefts
  • Assaults
  • Campus Parking Issues
  • Out of Hours Maintenance Issues
  • Damaged Property

Fire Evacuation Procedures


  1. If you hear a fire alarm (a continuous siren / bell) prepare for evacuation.
  2. Ensure that all employees / students leave the building by the nearest exit and that nobody is left behind in the toilets or shower rooms etc.
  3. Do not use the lifts.
  4. Check for visitors if you know of any.
  5. Organise help for people in need of assistance.
  6. Close all doors behind you.
  7. Go to your assembly point.
  8. Inform the emergency co-ordinator / fire officer of your evacuation status and of any persons remaining in your area (uncooperative / needs assistance)
  9. Follow instructions given by Fire Marshals and Security Personnel.


  1. Do Not –   Treat any alarm as a false alarm.
  2. Do Not –   Look for the source of the emergency.
  3. Do Not –   Check the fire panel before leaving.
  4. Do Not –   Make phone calls to check if the alarm is false or not.
  5. Do Not –   Stop to gather personal belongings.
  6. Do Not –   Spend unnecessary time knocking on doors.
  7. Do Not –   Congregate outside fire exits.
  8. Do Not –   PANIC.
  9. Do Not –   Go for a walk instead of going to your assembly point.
  10. Do Not –   Re-enter the building until the all clear is given by the Fire   Marshal / Fire Officer / Security Personnel.

Assembly Point Locations

Assembly Points

Assembly Points Per Building

Point A

  • M001 – Mac Lab
  • Richmond Lower Floor
Point B
  • CAVs 001 to 011
  • GHR Block 2A, 2B, Laundry & Underground Carpark
  • •S003
Point C
  • Arthur Griffith Building
  • GHR Block 1A & 1B
Point D
  • Daniel O’Connell Building
Point E
  • CO 10 to 13
  • Meagher Building (Student Union)
  • Richmond Upper Floor
Point F
  • James Stephens Building
  • Wellington Building
Point G
  • AF Building
  • Arthurs Restaurant
  • Design Bunker
  • Grimswood (Marmalade Films)
  • B Block
Point H
  • E Block
  • C Block

Security Contact Details

Mobile - 086 818 2370

Ext - 495

PLK 3 – On older type landline phones

Security Button – On newer type landline phones

Intercoms Located at;

GHR Block 01 Archway

GHR Block 02 Archway

Vehicle Entrance Gate at Security Hut Window

Turnstile Entrance Gate