Opportunity Scholarship


Every year, Griffith College awards scholarships to students who show an interest in our courses and can demonstrate an ability or passion for that area, covering the entire cost of the programme for the duration of their studies, including the registration fees.

It does NOT include accommodation, living or travel expenses which the student would need to organise themselves. It is important that the applicant takes this into consideration when applying for the scholarship. The scholarship is means-tested with the aim of providing an opportunity for more students to attend an independent college. Below is some information describing what the scholarship is, how you apply, who is eligible for it, and what courses can be applied for. Please note that courses offered in partnership with Pulse College are not part of this scholarship programme.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, you must be applying for a college course through the CAO (under the age of 23 years), progressing directly from the Irish Leaving Certificate or a Post-Leaving Certificate Course in Ireland or Northern Ireland. 

Important dates


  • Monday 13th November 2023 Scholarship Application Form Opens
  • Friday 19th April 2024 Scholarship Application Form Closes
  • Wednesday 1st May 2024 (TBC) Scholarship Interviews
  • Monday 13th May 2024 (TBC) Successful candidates will be notified


Scholarships must be taken in the year in which they are offered. A scholarship cannot be deferred or carried over from one year to the next.

This scholarship is only open to Leaving Certificate students and students from Colleges of Further Education for progression purposes. Students applying from overseas are NOT eligible for this opportunity scholarship and are instructed to contact the International team for more information on international tuition fees.

The Griffith College Opportunity Scholarship programme has benefited me greatly; without it I would have struggled to afford the cost of College. It has helped open career paths and is something that employers are very impressed by. Being in the scholarship programme also allowed me to create relationships with scholarship winners from other courses. We were all there throughout our degrees to help and support each other.

Hannah Moran-Jackson BA (Hons) in Fashion Design

Frequently Asked Questions

The scholarship is open to any current Leaving Certificate student and those studying in Colleges of Further Education courses in Ireland. All Northern Irish school students may also apply. 

For more information about eligibility standards, please contact us.

Yes, following the successful completion of the online application form, the applicant will be scheduled for a short interview with the Schools Liaison Officer and an independent Guidance Counsellor to discuss their scholarship application. This interview will be held at the Griffith College campus that the student has applied to and will be approximately 15 - 30 minutes long. In certain instances, this interview can be conducted via Zoom. 

You will know the result about one week after your interview. The Schools Liaison Officer will phone you with the result and will also send you an email confirmation of the result. 

Yes, this is a scholarship of opportunity and is means-tested. Applicants will have to provide evidence of their parent(s)/guardian(s) income to determine their suitability for the scholarship. It is intended to support students who otherwise would not be able to afford tuition at a private college. 

Yes, you will know the result of your scholarship application before you sit your Leaving Certificate or final examinations. You will be able to utilise the CAO Change of Mind facility to put the Griffith College course code as the number one choice on your CAO application at this time.  

If you apply for the BA (Hons) in Fashion Design, the BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture or the BA (Hons) in Design Communications, you will still need to complete and submit a general art portfolio for acceptance into these programmes. Your portfolio will need to be presented on the day of the interview and you will need to pass the portfolio assessment to receive a scholarship.

No, applicants have to take the scholarship in the year that its offered.

No, the scholarship only covers the student's academic fees for each year of their chosen course. Students interested in on-campus accommodation can learn more from Griffith Halls of Residence.

Yes, you will be required to sign a Griffith College Student Remit and commit to representing and assisting the college at a number of events, e.g. Open Evenings, Higher Options and Maths Revision. 

When applications for the scholarship open for the year you would like to apply, simply fill out the form on our website.


You can apply for any Level 7 or 8 course offered by Griffith College. However, courses offered in partnership with Pulse College CANNOT be studied as part of the Opportunity Scholarship. You can find a full list of courses on our website. It will state in the course description if it is run in partnership with Pulse College.