Choosing a Course

Learn about the range of courses we offer and the entry requirements necessary to study our level 6, level 7 and level 8 undergraduate courses at Griffith College.

Explore the specific course you're interested in by clicking on the course link below, it will take you to the course page where you can discover the modules for each year and a timetable of study, as well as other important information. We've also supported you on your CAO journey by providing a list of CAO course codes for each course, these codes are necessary should you wish to include Griffith College on your CAO application. If you have any queries with a particular course, please contact us and we will support you with your query. 

'I had a fantastic four years studying at Griffith College. I was given many opportunities to work on real film and TV sets as well as working with some of the best equipment and people in the industry within the college. I'd highly recommend Griffith College for anyone who is looking to learn and develop their skills to a much higher standard, within this creative industry'.

Luke Talbot BA Film and TV Production

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum five O6/H7s
  • Some programmes will require O6 in Maths

  • Minimum five O6/H7s
  • Some programmes will require O6 in Maths 

Course Codes

- Ordinary Bachelor Degree - Level 7   

- Diploma - Level 7 (DP)

- Higher Certificates - Level 6

- Certificates - Level 6 (CT)

Code    Course Title -  Level 7 Progression 
GC435 BA in Computing L7 - L8
GC465 BA in Communications L7 - L8
GC466 BA in Film, TV and Screen Media Production L7 - L8
GC480 BA in Graphic Communication Design L7 - L8
GC490 BA in Interior Design L7 - L8
GC495 BA in Fashion Design L7 - L8
GC460 Music Production for Games (Portfolio required) CT