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CAO Choices: Why Study Computer Science?

Computer Science Careers in Ireland

Career opportunities in ICT and Technology are growing at a huge rate and many global companies are looking for young talent to drive innovation and fill what is a significant skills gap.

It is forecast that from 2013 to 2018 Ireland will create an additional 44,500 job opportunities in ICT careers, primarily for computer science and electronics graduates.

Over the 10 years from 2004 to 2014, overall employment in ICT companies grew by more than 30% at a time where overall employment in the Irish economy grew by only 1%. Also, salaries in these companies are 29% above the national average. (Seasonally-adjusted CSO Data from Q3 2004 to Q2 2014)

The National Skills Bulletin published by the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs in July 2012 identified that ICT skills are difficult to source.

“I would very much encourage those making career choices to focus on the areas of greatest job opportunities and to focus their education and training on specific skills needs in those areas”

- Una Halligan, Chairperson of the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs.

Ireland: Europe's Silicon Valley

Nine of the top 10 global ICT companies have a presence in Ireland, including Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM and Intel.

Read Irish Central's article from summer 2014 about how Silicon Valley start-ups are flocking to Dublin in huge numbers. Last month The Financial Times commented about the digital cluster of start-ups in Dublin:

Ireland is in the top three countries for venture capital investments as a percentage of gross domestic product in Europe, and investments have risen by 42 per cent to €1.3bn between 2007 and 2011, according to the Irish Venture Capital Association. Repeat entrepreneurs and angels are ploughing in early-stage money, but bigger cheques for €5m and above are hard to come by.

Read the full Financial Times article Dublin: The Tiger’s Roaring Tech Hub

Study A CAO course in Computer Science at Griffith College

CAO Course Choice – Computer Science

So if you’re a Leaving Certificate student considering taking a CAO course in computer science then you should feel reassured that there will be a variety of job opportunities out there for you once you graduate.

In a recent article, advised Leaving Certificate students:

“If you have the right aptitude, a qualification in technology is a great start, no matter what you want to achieve – Ireland has produced some fabulous global leaders in their fields.

Starting with technology allows you to access the best companies in the world but from there it is your choice where you take your career – management, marketing, sales, operations and many more options can be accessed from this solid base.

Leaving Certificate students are strongly advised to consider engineering or computer science in making their CAO choices – if you are comfortable with Maths and have an inquiring mind, it’s a great start for a fabulous career.”

Top Tech Jobs of 2015

Silicon Republic has identified that the top tech jobs of 2015 will be in the following areas:

Study A Computer Science Course at Griffith College

If you’re interested in finding out more why not check out a recent blog post where Head of the Faculty of Computing Science, Waseem Akhtar, highlights Griffith College courses that include the skills-set required for these in-demand job roles.

Career Opportunities in Computer Science

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