My Griffith Story: My lecturers pushed me and believed in me.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Jessica Doran studied with the Faculty of Computing.

She graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science in 2017. Jessica now works for Irish Life, Ireland's leading life and pensions company. As an IT Project Manager, Jessica is responsible for managing IT infrastructure projects across Europe.

Why did you choose to study at Griffith College?

“I was attracted to Griffith College as it was unique in comparison with other colleges in how the course was delivered and the smaller class sizes. I had friends studying computer science at other colleges that didn’t have the opportunity to speak to their lecturer one to one, and they were shocked that I had the ability to meet my lectures for a coffee if I needed help with an assignment or was struggling with a topic.”

How did Griffith College inspire your current career path?

"I had amazing lectures who pushed me and believed in me. I have since studied data analytics and I am currently studying my master's. During my time in education, I have not come across many lecturers like the ones at Griffith College. After graduating from Griffith College, I have been very lucky to have exciting opportunities and experiences which inspired me to get into project management. This has really suited my skillset, as I have a passion for IT but also enjoy making a difference to the end-user by delivering successful projects and putting the end-user at the heart of the delivery.”

What has been your greatest achievement and biggest challenge to date?

“My greatest achievement is completing my computer science degree, putting the skills I developed into action in and working hard to climb the career ladder.”

What can you tell us about your future plans?

“To continue growing and never stop learning, I am currently studying my MBA and will continue to learn and grow in this field.”

Finally, we asked Jessica some quick-fire questions.

Best piece of advice you have ever received:

“The first piece of advice is ‘education never ends’ and the second would have to be ‘If you don’t believe in yourself, who ever will?’ Both from my dad.”

Advice for recent graduates:

“Get involved with everything, If you are a current student I would say if you are completing assignments do it in a project style as you can talk about the skills you developed working with colleagues at an interview. It’s also great to have a plan after you graduate; that way you can track progress and milestones. You have no idea how beneficial this will be to you in interviews. In my current role, I conduct the IT graduate and intern interviews, and these are the skills we look for from candidates.”

How would you describe Griffith College in three words?

  • Supportive
  • Inclusive
  • Personal

Is a Computing degree the right path for you?

If you're passionate about problem-solving and project management, a Computing degree could help you find your way to a career like Jessica's. Check out our Computing faculty to learn more!