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Your essential guide to the CAO Change of Mind process

Griffith College CAO Change of Mind
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If you are on this article, you probably have some questions about the CAO Change of Mind form - that's a given. We here at Griffith College are happy to help! Luckily, the process is relatively simple. Your first step is to think about the course, or courses that you want to do.

Many people think in terms of the points they are likely to achieve and then make their choices in order of points. That is a huge mistake. Instead think of the courses you'd really like to do. You are going to spend the next three or four years studying it day-in, day-out so it had better be something you have a genuine interest in. The CAO Change of Mind form allows you to make changes to the courses you want to study in September - so use it wisely!

Then - remember to fill in both sections of the CAO form. On one side you have your level 8 or higher degrees. On the other you have ordinary level degrees and higher certificates (levels 6 and 7 respectively). Some people see the level 6 and 7 degrees as a fallback but that's not necessarily the case.

Many of the students who have done level 6 and 7 courses here at Griffith College progress onto higher level degrees - so it's a valuable option to have. Anything you fill out on the level 6/7 side has nothing to do with your level 8 side. 

So, let's say for example, that you wanted to do Business Studies at Griffith College Dublin. From our list of course codes below, you'd simply fill in GC400 on the level 8 side of the form. Then your second choice might be Business Studies (HRM) - which is also a business degree but with a focus on Human Resources. So you'd fill in GC402 on your form and so on with the rest of your choices.

On the level 6/7 section, you could then put in GC411 - which is a level 7 ordinary degree - as your first choice and fill in the rest of the form with other certificate and ordinary degree choices that suit you.

Then - when the Leaving Cert results come out - if you get the points for both courses - you'll get offered both and can choose the higher level 8 option. 

How exactly do I fill out the CAO change of mind form?

Step 1: Log in to

Step 2: Go to the 'My Application' section

Step 3: Put in the new course codes for any courses you'd like to study

Step 4: Click 'Continue with course changes' to save your new choices

Step 5: Check your email for confirmation of your choices

What are the Griffith College CAO codes?

If you are filling our your CAO form with the intention of coming to Ireland's leading independent college - then we've put all of the course codes for our courses below - so all you need to do is fill in the course code on the left (beginning with GC)  and we'll see you here in September!

Griffith College Dublin CAO Codes for Level 8 Honours degrees

Course Code Course Name
GC400 Business Studies
GC401 Accounting and Finance
GC402 Business Studies (HRM)
GC405 International Hospitality Management
GC407 Business Studies (Marketing)
GC430 Computing Science
GC431 Computing Science (Cloud Computing)
GC432 Computing Science (Software Development)
GC433 Computing Science (Network Management)
GC434 Computing Science (Games Development)
GC450 Journalism and Visual Media
GC462  Design Communication (Portfolio required)
GC489 Interior Architecture
GC494 Fashion Design

Griffith College Dublin Level 7 CAO Codes 

Course Code Course Name
GC406 International Hospitality Management
GC410  Marketing
GC411 Business
GC435 Computing
GC465 Journalism
GC466 Film and TV Production
GC470 Photographic Media
GC490  Interior Design

Griffith College Dublin Level 7 CAO Codes

Course Code Course Name
GC416 Business
GC425 Legal Studies
GC440 Computing
GC460 Music Production For Games (portfolio required)
GC475  Photography
GC491 Art and Design

Griffith College Cork CAO Codes 

Course Code Course Name
GC200 Business Studies
GC201 Accounting and Finance
GC230 Computing Science
GC265 Journalism
GC240 Computing

Griffith College Limerick CAO codes

Course Code Course Name
Honours Level 8 Degrees
GC300 Business Studies
GC305 International Hospitality Management
Level 7 Degrees
GC306 International Hospitality Management
GC311 Business
GC335  Computing
Level 6 Higher Certificates
GC316 Business
GC340 Computing

Have any more questions?

If you have any questions at all about the CAO Change of Mind process or any Griffith Course that you are thinking of putting on the form - then don't hesitate to get in touch. Our dedicated admissions team are here to help with any queries you might have. Just call 01 4150415 and we're here waiting to help!