Alumni Reunions


Reunions are a great opportunity to reconnect with former classmates, lecturers and to relive the experience of studying at Griffith College. Whether you left Griffith College 20 years ago or one year ago, a reunion is a great opportunity to reconnect with friends and grow your networks which could support your future career.

Step 1 – Contact the Alumni Office

Finding alumni: We hold a database of alumni details and will be able to let you know how many potential attendees we can contact on your behalf. Please note that we cannot pass alumni contact details to you, but we can send out emails for you and direct people to make contact.

Contacting the faculty: Let us know if you would like to extend an invite to any of your former lecturers and we can get in touch with them to share the details.

Event promotion: We can promote your event via our alumni social media channels, the Griffith Alumni Network and email.

Local knowledge: We can use our local knowledge to suggest restaurants or bars which might make a good base for your celebrations.

Step 2 – Planning your reunion

A reunion doesn’t have to be a formal event. A casual reunion could be a very effective way of getting people together. A centrally located venue, such as a bar, café or restaurant provide an excellent venue for your reunion.

Step 3 – Budgeting 

If you are planning to have a meal at a local restaurant, be sure to ask your fellow alumni to confirm their attendance so that you can make bookings well in advance. It’s a good idea to be clear with attendees about the likely cost of the meal and agree how you will be splitting the bill.

If you are planning to hold your reunion at a bar or café, find out whether it costs to hire the venue or whether there is a minimum spend required to secure a private space.

Step 4 – Inviting alumni

The Alumni Office are here to help you reconnect, we hold a database of alumni and can contact them on your behalf. If you are organising a reunion, contact the Alumni Office at [email protected]

Step 5 – On the day of your reunion

Please take lots of photos during your reunion and share them with us. We would love to feature pictures on our social media channels, and possibly include a brief write-up in our alumni e-newsletter.