Student Records


The Student Records Office manages the academic records of former learners at Griffith College. 

Among the services offered by the office:

  • Academic history verification.
  • Letters confirming awards or years of attendance.
  • Copies of transcripts or diploma supplements.
  • Retrieval of uncollected graduation parchments.
  • WES transcript production.

As this office deals only with former learners, all current students should first consult with their faculty office in relation to the above.

To contact the Student Records Office, please email [email protected].

Please see below for some of our most frequent queries.


This office can aid with enquiries from:

Any learner who has graduated from the college or left the college more than one academic year ago. In some cases, a student may have finished their course but their graduation ceremony has not occurred yet- these students should contact their faculty office for transcripts and other documents until their graduation has passed.

Third parties seeking award or academic verification. Any third party seeking to confirm such information is required to send the request in writing, accompanied by hand-written consent of the learner.

Please note: This office does not issue personal references or recommendations. Student Records can only confirm academic records and does not release any other information.

If you are a current student and are seeking a letter, transcript or other verification from the college, you should direct your query to your faculty office.


The college can produce duplicate transcripts and diploma supplements for former learners at the college. Documents can be requested in either hard or soft copy format. Current students at the college must request transcripts through their faculty office.


What is a Transcript?

A transcript is an official college document that outlines your academic results for each module you studied during your course, as well as any overall grade and award you might have achieved. It outlines each subject studied and when it was assessed. Transcripts contain accurate, detailed information about your results while you attended Griffith College.


What is a Diploma Supplement?

Please note: A Diploma Supplement is not a copy of your diploma. Please see the Duplicate Parchments section below for more information on obtaining a copy of your parchment.

A Diploma Supplement is a document issued to those who have graduated from certain higher-education courses that gives further detail and context to your qualification. It provides further detailed information on your award- providing a standardised description of the level of your award, the national awards framework for Ireland and other background to your academic achievements.


How do I request a copy?

You can request duplicate academic documents by clicking on the relevant link below. Please note a fee will apply when requesting these documents: 


Once you have ordered the above, please email the Student Records Office at [email protected] to confirm your payment. 


We offer various types of verification services for both learners and third parties.


Official Letters Confirming Attendance/Graduation:

Graduates of Griffith College can request an award verification letter through the Student Records Office at [email protected]

This standardised letter confirms:

  1. Course title
  2. Any overall grade/award achieved 
  3. Years and months of attendance at the college

Please quote your student number and/or your date of birth when requesting a letter from the office.


World Education Services (WES): Transcripts or Diploma Supplements 

See here for World Education Services (WES) applicant information.

The college can provide your transcript or diploma supplement in your application to WES, depending on which document WES has requested.

We can send documents directly to WES on your behalf by fast and reliable electronic means, as a more efficient alternative to conventional post.

Learners will need to order and pay for a duplicate academic transcript or diploma supplement for this service (please see the relevant section above for links to order). If you wish your document to be sent by the college direct to WES electronically, please select the PDF option on the form.

Please also include your WES reference number in the Notes section when completing the form.

In order to complete your evaluation, WES may require a confirmation of award letter to be sent to them by the awarding body. This letter is not provided by Griffith College and the learner must source this letter directly from the awarding body of their qualification.

If your awarding body is QQI, you can find information on requesting this letter here.

If you would like more information on WES applications, please contact the Student Records Office at [email protected].


Academic Verification for Employers and Employment Agencies

For verification of education, employers and employment agencies should contact [email protected].

Please note, to protect the personal data of our alumni, and in line with current legislation, we can only release personal information with hand-signed consent.

To avail of this service, please contact our Student Records office: [email protected].

For more information on the college's data protection policies click here.



If you did not retrieve your parchment by attending your graduation ceremony, the Student Records office can facilitate its collection from campus or postage to you.

For 2023 Graduates: 
⦁ If you wish to collect your parchment in person, you must make an appointment in advance emailing    [email protected]  and quoting your student number. 
⦁  Parchments are also available for postage : please click here to book your appointment or request postage

For all other graduates, please see below for instructions on arranging collection or postage of your parchment.


Parchment Fees:

It is standard procedure in the college to place parchments into secure storage a number of months after graduation and retrieval of these documents at that point incurs a €30 fee. This applies to graduates from the class of 2022 (inclusive) and all years before that. This charge is in addition to any postage that may be payable to send the document. To pay this fee, please fill out the form at this link


Option 1: Collect from Campus:

Depending on the Griffith College campus you attended, you will be able to arrange to collect your parchment from there.

Unfortunately, moving the parchment to another Griffith College campus is not an option.

 All collections require an appointment. There is no charge for collecting from campus, except for the €30 retrieval fee mentioned above.

You may collect the parchment yourself or nominate someone to collect on your behalf. The person collecting is required to bring either a passport or drivers licence as proof of identity. Without one of these the parchment cannot be handed over.


For Dublin graduates: 

  • Please email [email protected], quoting your student number and requesting an appointment to collect your parchment.

For Cork graduates: 

  • Please email  a[email protected] quoting your student number and requesting an appointment to collect your parchment.

For Limerick graduates:

  • Please email [email protected]  quoting your student number and requesting an appointment to collect your parchment.


Option 2: Postage:

You can request to have your parchment posted to you by the college. This can be ordered by filling out the form and any required fees at this link

Upon successful completion of payment you should receive a confirmatory email. Please follow the instructions on this email in relation to contacting the relevant campus office for postage. If you do not receive confirmation of a successful order, please email [email protected].

Postage rates are subject to change throughout the year and the college may adjust these rates accordingly.

Important note: Please do not use the above link to request a copy of a parchment that has already been issued. Only one instance of a parchment is ever created and the college does not produce duplicates. If you order a parchment that the college does not possess, you will be contacted by the Student Records office to inform you.

See the tab below for information on requesting a duplicate copy of your parchment.


Apostille Stamps: Authenticating your Parchment

For graduates intending to work abroad, we recommend that they have their parchment authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs. This ensures that their parchments are recognised by government bodies all over the world, speeding up the processing of their academic documents. This process can only be undertaken by the Department of Foreign Affairs- the college does not provide this service. If you require more information, please click here.


Duplicate award diplomas and certificates (also known as parchments) are issued by our award validating bodies. The college itself does not produce or retain copies of parchments, once they have been issued. 


To order: If you know who validated your programme, click on the relevant link below for how to request a duplicate parchment.

If you are unsure, contact the Student Records Office at [email protected], and we will be happy to assist you.


QQI-awarded Duplicate Parchments

QQI (formerly HETAC) can issue duplicate parchments, or confirmation of an award. 

Request a duplicate parchment from QQI.


NTU-awarded Duplicate Parchments

 All duplicate parchment requests must be made through the Nottingham Trent University online store. 

If you are unsure of any of the details required, contact the Student Records Office at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.


City & Guilds-awarded Duplicate Certificates

Award information for courses awarded by City and Guilds (C&G) are retained only by C&G. For confirmation of awards, grades and copies of certificates, these must be requested from C&G directly.

Please submit a request for a replacement C&G certificate through the replacement certificates online application and payment form. For more information about requesting a replacement C&G certificate.


If you have further questions, please contact Griffith College's Student Records office: [email protected].

A student number is required to complete several forms mentioned above, and is a very direct means to locate your information in our records.

If you cannot recall your student number during your time in the college, please contact the Student Records Office at [email protected] 

In your email, please include any information that may help us locate your file. This includes:

-Full name (including any potential names you could have been registered with when you attended Griffith College)

-Date of birth. This information is required to confirm identity.

-Email or home address at the time of attendance.

-Old transcripts, parchments or letters from the college.