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What is the Griffith Alumni Network?

Now that you have graduated, make the most of your Griffith College affiliation by joining the Griffith Alumni Network.

Imagine an online social networking site, but only for people with present and past Griffith College connections, who want to stay in touch, share job openings, become mentors and more. Welcome to the Griffith Alumni Network! The Griffith Alumni Network is an exclusive online alumni community where you can find your college friends, develop mentoring and networking relationships, join industry or local chapters, and post events and photos, all in a supportive and welcoming community.

The Network is also available to Griffith students in their final year of study. This is a great way to find a mentor, search for internships or jobs, and prepare for life after college.

To understand how the Griffith Alumni Network works, click on the Griffith Alumni Network guide below.

How do I join the Griffith Alumni Network?

Join the more than 2,250 alumni, final year students and staff on the Griffith Alumni Network by clicking on the button below and registering with your LinkedIn, Facebook or email account. For more information on what the Network is and how you can use it please go to the Griffith Alumni Guide.