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Online Mentoring Programme

Griffith College is delighted to offer an online career mentoring programme through the Griffith Alumni Network to all of our alumni and graduating students. This programme brings together students/alumni and alumni/alumni in mutually rewarding relationships, using an online platform that allows people from different class years, regions, academic programmes and sectors to connect. Whether you are a Griffith graduate, final year undergraduate, or a placement year, short-courses, or postgraduate student, you are very welcome to join this programme.


Share insights. Develop your professional skills. Give back to others. By signing up on the Griffith Alumni Network as someone who is willing to help others, you will be making yourself available to provide support, job search advice and career guidance to a current student or an alum who will benefit from your unique experience and skills. When you share your knowledge with someone, you are helping them to develop their own career path, and build a strong Griffith College alumni community.

Find a Mentor

Improve your relationship skills. Build your network. Gain career insights. Whether you have already graduated from Griffith College, or are still a student, starting a mentor relationship with a Griffith College graduate provides you with a great opportunity to take responsibility for managing your own career development in a supportive and encouraging environment. Depending on what you’re seeking, you can connect with a mentor for a one-off request, such as reviewing your CV, or for a more substantial period of time to talk about career goals and how to get there.

This is solely an online mentoring programme that will be managed by you and the mentor. It is up to both of you to agree to the parameters of the mentoring relationship. If you feel that Griffith College needs to become involved in the mentoring relationship for any reason, please contact us at [email protected] or at +353 (0) 1 4163349.