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Griffith Alumni Network Guide

Welcome to your exclusive platform where you will be able to capitalise on this incredible global network. Get to know more about it through the information below.
How do I get started?

​1. Register here by creating a username and password. The three registration options are LinkedIn, Facebook or email. Alumni are encouraged to register via LinkedIn, as this account is likely to hold the most professional information about you and will populate your Community profile for you.​

2. Follow the step-by-step instructions to add all of the relevant information to your profile.

3. If you aren’t already pre-approved to join the Network, you’ll receive the following message:

4. Your membership will be activated within three working days.

5. Once your profile has been activated, you’ll receive an email message. Please logon to the site and post a message to say hello and introduce yourself, upload photos, browse to find people you know, and invite others to join.

Is the Griffith Alumni Network mobile-friendly?

Yes.  The Griffith Alumni Network was designed to ensure optimal viewing on all devices, including desktops, laptops, phones, tablets and more.

What are the features of the Network?

The Griffith Alumni Network makes it easier to maximise the benefits of being a Griffith graduate.  

  • Your profile: Make updates to your contact details and employment information when they change, plus share updates with the rest of the Griffith Alumni Network about projects you’re currently involved in.

  • Directory: Find old friends, make new connections - professional or personal - and network with other Griffith alumni, students and staff.

  • Knowledge sharing: Volunteer to be a mentor or search for alumni who can help you with career advice and information.

  • Jobs and opportunities: Find and share job vacancies and other opportunities, such as internships, that you want to advertise to other Griffith graduates or students in their final year of study.

  • Events: Find out about alumni events or advertise your own alumni events.

  • Messaging:  Send and receive messages from other alumni and students through the platform by email or through LinkedIn or Facebook.

  • Special interests: Follow or start a special interest page to bring together Griffith alumni who have a common goal or interest.

Is this just another social media channel?

The Griffith Alumni Network is about creating a platform for Griffith graduates and final year students to interact, participate and inspire each other through mentoring, posting jobs and sharing experiences. It’s different from social media because it enables you to refine your searches for jobs and contacts, and allows you to see news and events, photos and updates all in one easy-to-search location.

Who will I find on the Network?

You’ll find the entire Griffith College community at your fingertips—alumni, final year students, staff and friends. If you know a Griffith grad who is not on there, let them know this is where the community comes together. 

Can I add my own events?

We encourage Griffith Alumni Network members to add their own events! To add an event just click on the “Create an event now” button in the Events tab. Please put as many details about the event as possible and it's also best practice to add a photo to the event.

How do I add photos?

To add a photo just click on the “Add you photos now” button in the Album tab and from there you can upload photos. You can also tag people in photos and you can tag Alumni in your LinkedIn connections. (That's a great way to invite people to the site too!)

How do I add job postings?

Click the “Post a new job” button in the Jobs tab. Go to job board and add as much detail about the job as possible. It's also helpful to add the company's logo. If you want someone to email you or another contact first, then put the desired email in the field. You can also directly link to company's job posting. Job postings expire after 90 days if you leave the end date blank.

How secure is the Griffith Alumni Network?

The platform is a closed network accessible only by individuals approved by the Alumni Relations Office. Please be aware that information you share will be viewable by everyone on the platform. You will be able to report inappropriate content if required.

To see our private policy, click here

Why does the mobile site look different to what I see on my PC?

The mobile site is designed to help you when you’re on the move. It contains just the most important information such as the directory and updates. If you want to experience the full site we recommend you access via a desktop or laptop computer.

I made a mistake when registering. How do I update my profile?

It’s simple. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Log into the Griffith Alumni Network and click on the 'Me' tab (second tab on the left).

Step 2: In 'Me', click on the red arrow to the top right that says 'Update your profile'.

Step 3: You are now in the profile page. The middle column of that page contains your Griffith details, listed under 'My Griffith College Profile' – Faculty, course, graduation year and campus. Go to the relevant line and using the dropdown arrow, choose which information you want to change.

Step 4: After changing the details, click the dark grey 'Update' arrow in the My Griffith Profile box.

Step 5: Use the same step-by-step process to update your employment details, location or any other information in your profile.

Step 6: Click on the 'I'm done updating' grey arrow at the top right of the page to exit back to your home screen.

I can’t log in or I keep getting an error message.

If you’ve forgotten your password, use the ‘forgotten your password’ link to reset a new password. If you are sure you have the right username and password, then it might be that you’ve changed the email address the system is linked to. If you change your email address in your profile, it might affect your log in details. If you experience an error message or continue to experience an issue logging in, please email [email protected] for assistance.