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New Online Irish Music Exams with Leinster School of Music and Drama

Tom Morley teaching a traditional Irish music class

Irish traditional music has spread to every corner of the globe making the latest news from Leinster School of Music and Drama - based in Ireland, the home of Irish music - very exciting for any student of traditional music!

The Leinster School has just launched its Online Traditional Music Exams. It has always had strong roots in Irish music, with Arthur Daley, renowned fiddle player and founder of the Feis Ceoil Association, being an early lecturer in the school. 

Whether you already play a traditional instrument or are a teacher of Irish music who wants a more flexible examination process, the online exams are an excellent method of evaluation. Simply video yourself playing the set exam pieces, upload and share via Dropbox, make the payment and wait for your results!

We’re delighted to announce a very exciting affiliation with Tom Morley, a well-known American fiddler and traditional Irish music teacher. Tom has over 20 years teaching experience, running classes in his own private studio for classical violin and fiddle styles as well as instructing at Irish Fiddle Workshops across colleges and universities in the US. Having taught the fiddle across America - with workshops for all levels in Florida, Georgia, Portland, Virginia and North Carolina - and published multiple music books, we are thrilled that he will be launching our online music exams stateside.