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It’s that time of year again! Our inspired final-year students are gathering their work to submit for grading. Some are most likely burning the midnight oil to get over the finish line; there is a lot of excitement and anticipation in the air! The deadline for submission remains the same, however, this year holds unique significance as our students will have the opportunity to showcase their final work not only to their loved ones but to the general public!

Our Creative Show features the final work of a collective of students from various courses in the College. This year we will be showcasing work from the faculties of Creative Arts + Screen Media, Design and Computing:

  • Fashion Design
  • Film & TV Production
  • Graphic Communication Design
  • Interior Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Interactive Digital Media 
  • Photographic Media
  • Art + Design


Recap: Griffith Creative 2022

To get in the spirit of all things creative, we wanted to dive into the work from Griffith Creative 2022, the students had some STELLAR work on show (if we do say so, ourselves!). This annual event not only allows our graduating class to have a platform to display their work but truly encapsulates their originality, artistry, drive and determination. 


In 2022 we showcased our BA Hons in Fashion Design graduates. From the concept creation to the final creative collection, their work was designed and created to industry standards with design business and technology skills. Our graduate Clara Salinger won the Future Makers award in support of emerging makers with the Design and Crafts Council @DCCI @showcaseireland @RDS in January 2022. Clara was awarded an Internship for her winning Primark design project, which led her to her current role as a designer in Primark's head office.



The work of 2022 showcases our emerging filmmakers’ conceptual, creative and technical skills, resulting in a collection of beautifully crafted documentary and drama projects.

JESUS TISCARENDO - Graduate 2022


The BA (Hons) in Graphic Communication Design is designed to equip learners with the creative, technical, and critical skills needed to pursue a career in the field of graphics, and the rapidly evolving communication design sector. The course investigates up-to-the-minute digital tools and trends in communication design. 

MABEL OOI - Graduate 2022 


In 2022 our work showcased our BA Hons Interior Architecture graduates, and their adaptive reuse of existing buildings, creatively planned interior architectural spaces, detail materials & finishes using innovative technologies.

INA URAN LUNDE - Graduate 2022


The work of 2022  beautifully encompassed a range of approaches including documentary, portraiture, landscape, and commercial and fine art photography.

ELLA LYNCH - Graduate 2022 


This work showcases our BA in Interior Design graduates. The students were asked to design a multidisciplinary office space with an event space and cfe. Using the principles of design, they created interior spaces, using up-to-date trends in materials and colour palettes.

DIEGO NOGAYRA - Graduate 2022 

… and there's plenty more where that came from! Our soon-to-be graduates of 2023 are currently busy bees gathering their work, squashing any nerves and racing to the finish line of their graduating year. We can’t wait to see their final work! 

Griffith Creative 2023 will launch on June 8th at 6 pm at our campus on South Circular Rd, running until June 15th.  Stay tuned for more information! 



BA in Fashion Design 

BA in Graphic Communication Design 

BA in Interior Design 

BA in Interior Architecture


BA in TV, Film + Screen Media

BA in Photographic Media


MSc in Interactive Digital Media