Alumni lifetime email

We are delighted to announce that starting with our 2017 graduates, we are now offering a free lifetime Griffith College Office 365 alumni email account with a maximum quota of 50 GB! Shortly after you graduate, your email account will automatically transfer from [email protected] to [email protected] with your password remaining the same. You can still access your account at All emails that are sent to your account will be redirected to your account.

The alumni account is an email-only account so any files you have stored on OneDrive for Business will need to be downloaded and stored elsewhere. We will email you 30 days before this happens to give you enough time to remove any files you may have stored on OneDrive. Please note that after the 30 days, your files will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. Also, if you downloaded Microsoft Office through our site, the functionality of your Office package will be diminished and you will receive an alert to renew your licence.

If you’re experiencing any technical issues with your alumni email account or haven’t yet received your new email account and think you are eligible, please contact the Griffith IT department at [email protected] or + 353 1 415 0499.

If you return as a student in the future, your account will be converted back to a student email address.